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>Valley proves that most Ridgewood Residents DO NOT support the “Renewal”

>Over the last two weeks, Valley once again dipped into its considerable “war chest” and sent out glossy “sign-up cards” to Ridgewood residents. The tri-fold cards read, “Have You Expressed Your support for the Valley Renewal – there is still time?” A large Valley advertisement also appeared in the Ridgewood News on the same theme and was timed by Valley to coincide with the card mailing. Another $20,000+ not spent on healthcare!

Despite the money spent, Valley says that it only has 1,200 replies. As there are 24,936 residents and 8,802 households in Ridgewood, and a number of the replies were from the same household, this represents only 5% to 10% of residents and households.

Thank you Valley for proving that over 90% of Ridgewood DOES NOT SUPPORT the “Renewal” because these people deliberately decided not send back the card or did not feel strongly enough in favor of the “Renewal” to send back the card.


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