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Earth to Bob: Obama has already failed!


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Earth to Bob: Obama has already failed!
December 11, 2014 1 Comment
By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Everyone’s favorite Caribbean tourist Bob Menendez (D-Ecuador/Dominican Republic) sat down with Cory Booker (D-Twitter) and television’s Steve Adubato on Wednesday evening, Save Jerseyans, for an interview billed as focusing on issues facing the new Congress.

Booker did his Booker thing and spoke in vague generalities. Menendez chose to recycle rejected Democrat campaign themes from the 2014 election cycle. “Is there a universe of members in the Congress of the United States who would do anything to see the president not succeed? I do believe that,” Menendez told Adubato, answering his own question.

I’ve got news (?) for your Bob: Your president has already failed! In spectacular, awful, it’s going to take us decades to recover from his idiocy fashion! And I’m hardly alone in my assessment. Had he not failed in a strong majority of Americans’ estimation (e.g. destroyed our health care system, failed to jump-start a sluggish economy, left us weaker in international affairs), Harry Reid would still be Majority Leader come January, you’d still be Chairman of Foreign Relations, and the Republican Party wouldn’t be in its strongest electoral position since before the Great Depression.

9 thoughts on “Earth to Bob: Obama has already failed!

  1. any one thinks he did a good job needs to wake up from a dream.

  2. Hilarious……lowest common denominators….

  3. Menendez…typical Hudson county machine hack politician

  4. Yeah, I took a look at this video.

    What a gold-plated love-in. The statement made by Senator Menendez was in response to a direct question by Newark’s own, Steve Adubato, worded in exactly the same way as Menendez’s answer is reported as being. Menendez could simply have said “yes” and received the same reaction.

    My reaction to this syrupy vignette is that Steve Adubato has to be the most frozen-in-time, fact-resistant, paleo-liberal, pitiable case of a journalist living and working in the Metro NY region who is actually still a well-meaning, non-scheming, and good-hearted person. With the way Adubato framed and worded the question, he teed the issue up for Menendez no less favorably than you might expect him to do if he were the Senator’s own chief of staff! Watch the video at the 25:00 mark and you’ll see Menendez’s eyes go wide at the prospect of hitting Adubato’s question into the next area code.

    Oh, Steve, Steve, Steve…what are we to do with you? Where did we go wrong? How could you be so ideologically shackled as to fail to finally realize what is happening all around you? You are a man of full age, yet you have utterly failed to sharpen your approach. One cannot groove a fastball with the likes of Menendez like you just did and even hope to retain, much less burnish one’s professional reputation!

    Come over to the dark side, Steve!!! You will learn that we are actually not the heart of darkness, but true children of the light. We struggle with our frailties, as all in the human condition must do. But we are clear in our sight, and in our thinking. If we are guilty of anything, it is merely trying to collectively blow out, one by one, the limitless supply of matches this arson of a so-called-president (and increasingly, the GOP-e) seems to have on hand. It can get tiring, and certainly seems and feels repetitive, but someone must do it if we are to come out the other end of this house of horrors in one piece.

    Politically and intellectually speaking, the past seven years or so have been a hand-to-mouth existence for true constitutional conservatives who prize the civil society and traditional morality, as well as the federal and republican model of democratic government extended continent-wide, as conceived by the frail but brilliant James Madison in the face of so many historical examples of failed democracies over the millennia. We are now so regularly the object of abject, thought-free obloqy that it almost has no ill effect on us. The notion that we can live rent-free in the minds of an Obama, a Menendez ….an Aronsohn….keeps us moving forward.

    Steve, you can do this. Do the deed. Make the switch. Make that light bulb to shine like the Sun. Peel yourself away from these charletans and breathe the clean air for once in your young life!!

  5. Steve Adubato has flirted with prime time (occasionally getting a guest spot at the national level), but stays firmly in the realm of local presenter. His TV slots are of the variety where the audience isn’t much more than his own friends and family members. He’s got the looks, but something didn’t quite connect with getting success at the higher level.

    I think he asks the powder-puff questions because it gets him access to the NJ-area bigs. It’s a strategy the Larry King used well in his career as a TV host. Ask easy questions and they will keep coming. Ask tough ones and you don’t get the interview.

    It’s funny, as Steve does successfully pass himself off as a tough-talking conservative when he gets a speaking slot of Fox, but reverts to a NJ left-of-center when he’s working the home patch.

  6. Can someone tell me why Gov Christie was sitting in the owner’s box last with Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys ?

    Half of Christie’s constituency lives in South Jersey and that’s Philadelphia Eagles country.

  7. Well put, #5, he does have real people, our neighbors and us, frankly, pulling for him. He’s a local guy determined to see a bright future for New Jersey, with a particular focus on NNJ, which is appropriate based on the current population distribution. I just wonder, sometimes, who has his ear. Is he the type to block out, or reject out-of-hand, contrary or contradictory thoughts or ideas? It doesn’t seem so. He doesn’t have the style or mannerisms of an ideologue. He seems unique, willing to chart his own career course, perhaps too much so to count on career longevity with a deep-pockets organization with an unstated agenda to push. Usually such organizations end up demanding or forcing their journalists and on-air talent to support the agenda by reshaping or recoloring the coverage they would otherwise give to an issue, a candidate, or an office-holder (CBS’s Atkisson being only the most recent exception that proves the rule). Easier still, to simply and diligently hire/retain/promote based on proven commitment to the cause (read: Rather, Cronkite).

    Adubato should read Horowitz’s “Radical Son” if he hasn’t already. Other classic conversion tales are also well worth the time and effort to tackle. It’s not good to spend your time surrounded by antisocial radicals or to let too much time pass between sanity checks when you test your presumptions. Horowitz learned his lesson when his continued indulgence in radical fantasies arguably contributed to a circumstance in which a friend and colleague of his was brutally murdered by other radical elements. Ultimately that was too great a burden for him to carry or to reconcile with his prevailing worldview so something had to give. Fortunately for America he responded by (permanently) changing his worldview.

  8. Anonymous:

    Can someone tell me why Gov Christie was sitting in the owner’s box last with Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys ?
    Half of Christie’s constituency lives in South Jersey and that’s Philadelphia Eagles country.

    I would sit in any other owners box at an Eagles game.

  9. Anonymous:

    Can someone tell me why Gov Christie was sitting in the owner’s box last with Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys ?
    Half of Christie’s constituency lives in South Jersey and that’s Philadelphia Eagles country.

    It’s my guess that he was invited, and that he was there for business purposes.

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