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Englewood seniors forced to relocate after building was Damaged by Ida

photo Courtesy of Michael Wildes, Mayor City of Englewood
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Englewood NJ, according to Michael Wildes, Mayor City of Englewood, the community came to the rescue after a low-income senior building at 111 West Street was severally damaged during Hurricane Ida . In comments on Facebook Mayor Wildes posted :

“Community to the Rescue! 111 West Street Update in low-income senior building at 111 West Street:
After extensive talks with Care One (legal issues; background checks and COVID tests); our Housing Authority; and City Departments: I mustered with our County Executive and personally joined him to assist in the deployment of the plan made Friday evening.
The building had been condemned by Englewood’s Building Dept. The building has been officially marked with an “order to vacate” and “unsafe structure”. All residents were ultimately evacuated; 50 residents were been placed at Care One in Oradell and New Milford, others went to hotels or with family or friends, and a few are in the hospital.
It will take 6 months to a year to fix. All mechanical & electrical systems, including the elevators, plus water, etc. have to be replaced. High praise for Domingo Senande of the Housing Authority, County Executive, OEM County, OEM Englewood, Englewood Police Dept, Fire Dept, EVAC ( I treated one resident myself as an EMT with as a member of the newly minted Bergen Hatzalah) Council President, City Manager, Stae legislative Reps. Loretta Weinberg and Gordon Johnson as well. It was a well coordinated and safe evacuation.
The building is now empty of people. They were able to take clothing for a couple of weeks with them, plus their important items and papers. 25-30 are already at the Hampton Inn in Teaneck because their first floor apartments had flooded.
The County’s Mental Health Task Force has been contacted; counselors will be available to meet with residents of 111 West wherever they are now. They can do group sessions, too. The Housing Authority will be following up regularly with each Resident.
I recognized many of the residents who I have come to appreciate through the years. Several had a son-or a grandson living with them for years and were permitted to join after I suggested they were critical medical support. They will be back stronger and healthier. It was a humbling experience to see government and volunteers working together to help keep Englewood Strong!”
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