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>Eyewitness account of yesterday in DC question lack of media coverage

>Hello Everyone,

I am amazed at the lack of media coverage about yesterday in DC. The little I have seen was mostly negative and painfully inaccurate. It was, for me, one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Here is a brief recon.:

1:00 -A couple of fiends and I show up at the Capital Building. The rally has already started. Easily 40,000 on the lawn, possible over 50,000. The media reported “hundreds”. A bunch of speakers – all went well.

2:00 The official rally ended and the masses went to the congressional office buildings where we peacefully visited the offices individually. Many Congressman who opposed obamacare were there to great us. Those supporting the socialist in the white house were nowhere to be found. In those offices we told their aids we will be voting them out in Nov. We were also able to leave written messages. I took a lot of joy in writing notes like “You won’t be able to get elected to dog catcher.” I think I started a trend, others soon followed with this bit of prophesy.

4:00. Things started to wind down – so I thought. I took a walk to find something to eat. I noticed a handful of people kneeling on the grass facing the Capital, praying for our country. Many people walking by, myself included, would stop for a moment and say a quick prayer in silence. What happened next, well, I wish you could have been there. People made a huge human chain around the entire Capital Building. Do you know how big that building actually is? It was like the walls of Jericho redone.

5:00 What was left of the crowd formed a impromptu rally at the steps of the Capital Building were the House meets. THIS WAS INCREDIBLE:
It was just spontaneous. People just seemed to be in one spirit, chanting, singing. It went on for about an hour. What was wild was that there were only a couple of thousand people left by then. The sound going up the steps of the capital sounded like the 40-50,000 that were there hours earlier! A congressman came out waving his arms for us to scream louder – and it just went on for a while longer. Then, one by one, the congressmen who were voting against the bill came down the steps and told us what was going on in there, and how the meeting of the rules committee kept having to be stopped because of the roars from outside. By this time over a couple hundred capital police had made a barricade, some with automatic rifles, to intimidate the crowd (Some still don’t think communism is coming! They should have seen the troops file out in a show of force!) The meeting inside eventually had to be dismissed because of the crowd outside. The republican congressman were congratulating us for what seemed like a miracle.

The last speaker that I saw was a congresswoman from Ohio (I think) She was a really little woman – she said that it is not looking good. They may have the vote. She said the best thing we can do is pray to God that this horrible change to our way of life is stopped. She led the crowd in a prayer – The Lord’s Prayer. There were few dry eyes at this point in the rally.

Today sometime around 1:00, the house will vote on this bill. We all need to pray. Prayer works. This bill is the starting point for the imposter to change us to a socialist culture.

In many ways, our country has turned it’s back on God. Maybe that’s how we got in this mess in the first place. I once heard a preacher say “When you take one step towards God, God takes leaps and bounds towards you”. Please pray. AD

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