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Facebook to debut Ray-Ban Picture-taking Smart Glasses

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Facebook and Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer Stories smart glasses are now available for purchase in the US, UK, Italy, Australia, Ireland, and Canada. The $299 glasses can record photos and 30-second videos via dual 5-megapixel cameras, play open-air sound without headphones, and take calls. Photos and videos can be shared with a companion smartphone app. Wayfarer Stories come in several styles and colors and can be made as sunglasses or with untinted, prescription, or progressive lenses. The glasses will only have a couple of hours of battery life, but its included charging case will provide roughly a day of use.

Ray-Ban Stories, the smart glasses being debuted by Facebook and Ray-Ban today, are most notable for just how much they look like a standard pair of the brand’s sunglasses. They look and feel just like a standard pair of Ray-Bans while adding the ability to capture photos and video.

In 2013 Google Glass caused quite a stir. It was a bold attempt to bring the world a step further into the information age. The idea was great, but the execution and development weren’t. And it wasn’t long before people realize that these odd-looking glasses didn’t live up to the hype.

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