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Fear of COVID Reinfection Overblown

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  the Lancet, a distinguished British medical journal, reported that 20% of Danish citizens infected in the first wave became reinfected in the second wave.

But Mike Hearn, a former Google software engineer, writes in Lockdown Skeptics that this conclusion was based on assuming the false positive rate of the PCR virus test is much lower than the researchers had any reason to assume.

Obviously, if someone is given a false-positive diagnosis, they can be “reinfected” since they have never had the virus in the first place.

Hearn’s report on the study concludes: “This is a good opportunity to quickly recall why COVID science is in such dire straits…..False positives can cause apparent reinfection even when no such thing has happened. The paper doesn’t mention this possibility until page 7, where the entire topic is dismissed in a single sentence…The problem is circular logic: COVID is defined as having a positive test, therefore by definition it has no false positives, even though we know this cannot be true.”

Separately, the New York Times reports on a new study showing that eight months after infection most people who have recovered from Coronavirus still have enough immune cells to ward off a return of the illness.

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  1. Ignore this.
    Need to keep the fear level on high.

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