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Feds Say No to Minnesota request for aid to rebuild after unrest

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Minneapolis MN,  The federal government has denied a request from Minnesota Governor Tim Walz for federal funds to rebuild and repair fire damage from the unrest that followed George Floyd’s death.

Walz had asked President Donald Trump on July 2 to declare a “major disaster” in a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency because of extensive damage to public infrastructure following the death of Floyd on May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee against the handcuffed Black man’s neck for nearly eight minutes. Four since-fired officers have been charged in the case.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey,  approved the decision to abandon the city’s 3rd Precinct station on the night of May 28, surrendering it to people who set fire to the building.

According to multiple media reports, the governor’s office was informed on Friday that the disaster declaration was denied, and an agency spokesperson said the damage was something that local and state governments could handle.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has 30 days to appeal after the federal government denied his request for a disaster declaration because of the damage caused in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

A preliminary assessment of damage found more than $15 million of damages directly related to the fires. Around 1,500 businesses were damaged. Among the public structures destroyed was a Minneapolis police station that was a focus of the protests. Current estimates of the total damage exceed $500 million, the governor wrote in his disaster aid request.

10 thoughts on “Feds Say No to Minnesota request for aid to rebuild after unrest

  1. long list of rejections on the way for blue states that did nothing to prevent riots and destruction.

  2. They not only did nothing. They enabled and even supported it …. until it evolved into out of control destruction.
    Fuck them. You get what you voted for.

  3. The admin would ask for political concessions before committing to any kind of “rescue.” Highly unlikely blue governors and mayors would agree to anything the Feds ask. While I sympathize with the local government officials – after all they were pressured by big $ Dems and corporate patrons to let riots continue – in the end it was their decision. They will bear the consequences – IF – the American people decide to hold them accountable. Both through elections and potential lawsuits.

  4. Baltimore Mayor: ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That’
    April 25, 2015.
    What seemed crazy back then is now Democrat mainstream.

    Is Little Josh complaining money to Minnesota makes them “Moochers”?

  5. The vocal minority is going to get crushed. Again. They forget the lessons of 2014.

  6. President Trump offered his assistance….they did not want it. Actually he offered it multiple times…..

  7. BLM.

  8. BLM
    Brainwash Liberal Morons

  9. Just like they’ll say no to Murphy when he runs out of money cutting pension checks for his union handlers

  10. And we’ll say the same thing to the Murph…F- YOU

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