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>Finally – An Economical Parking Solution That Makes Sense!

Despite her recently announced “lame duck” status, Councilwoman Kim Ringler-Shagin is still actively seeking sensible ways to address the Village’s downtown parking shortage. To that end, Ms. Shagin offered up an economical solution during Wednesday evening’s Village Council Work Session. Not a new solution, but a good one nonetheless.

Citing a proposal contained within a 2001-2002 parking study commissioned by Village officials, and one she’d observed during a recent visit to Summit, the two-term Councilwoman suggested the erection of signage directing visitors to municipal parking lots. Currently, no such signs exist anywhere in the Village.
The Fly wonders why Village officials never erected “Municipal Parking This Way” signs. Village Council members don’t seem the least bit hesitant to construct at 60 foot tall, $7 million plus parking facility, but won’t spend the money for a few signs?

What’s the story here Mayor Pfund?

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