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Finally: Permanent Restrooms Planned for Vets Field

>Parks and Recreation Director Timothy J. Cronin and Village Engineer Christopher J. Rutishauser recently presented Village Council members with conceptual plans for the construction of permanent restroom facility at Vets Field.

As envisioned by Cronin and Rutishauser, the proposed facility would be constructed as an appendage to The Kasschau Memorial Shell; on the Shell’s west side, facing the Ridgewood Public Library.

Council members were presented with two possible design configurations; no projected price tag was provided for either, nor was there discussion regarding estimated construction start and end dates. It was originally believed that restrooms would be incorporated into a planned concession stand, but the price tag for that project far exceeded budgeted funds.

Further discussions regarding the restroom project, and a mobile/portable concession stand, will be held during one of the Council’s October Work Sessions.

17 thoughts on “Finally: Permanent Restrooms Planned for Vets Field

  1. >Let’s talk it to death. Then, let’s study it to death. After that, let’s fixate on what, where, how, when it should be. Once we decide on those nagging questions, let’s ponder the possibilities. Then, let’s figure out how much it will cost. Then, let’s figure out how to pay for it. Then, let’s find a way to get some community or sports group to pay for it. After that, we can discuss the signage and whose names should be on it. Perhaps, we can add a dedication and get some entity to contribut to that. Or we can put in pavers and charge people to put their family names on it. That is how, in Ridgewood, we can delay, delay, delay projects for years, while some lawyer gets paid to help us ponder the possibilities. And government pisses our money away…yes, pun intended.

  2. >up till now they could find something that cost enough

  3. >its nice to have a place to go

  4. >What about a PERMANENT concession stand and bathrooms???? Go any other town and take a look at what they have. TEAR DOWN the bandshell.. or rather, rebuild and upgrade it, working in the concession area and the bathrooms. Vets isnt for sports only… and the bandshell should stay… just re-worked and moved to a better location. Could even construct something that matches our library and expensive Village Hall!!!

  5. >does village hall have bathrooms? why not just have it open during sports events?

  6. >”does village hall have bathrooms? why not just have it open during sports events?”

    This idea was discussed by Council members, but rejected due to the potential hazards associated with having children running through the parking lot.

  7. >potential hazards associated with having children running through the parking lot.

    yes better the go by a tree

  8. >Councilman Harlow also rejected the idea of having Libary bathrooms available because he didn’t want any mud tracked into the Library’s lobby.

  9. >The plan from the consultants talked about a re-worked band shell at Vets… b/c in its current location, it reduces the number of usable fields. Before we tack on something… a visually awful addition and yet another costly band-aid… Has the Council looked at this report and considered the $$$ and idea of moving the band shell? Better to do that now than build on an outhouse behind the shell !!!

  10. >”The Band Shell has rest rooms already and dressing rooms for performers. A modest modification can be made to them. I believe there is a legal responsibility to “invitees” that is the Village’s. For any programs at the field. This should be done quickly without delay. Keys can be issued to a limited number of those sponsoring programs with a spare at the Police station for emergencies”

  11. >i use the hohokus brook when i have to go

  12. >Didn’t we pay for restrooms before at Vets? And they tore them down. And more than half the time they were locked or out of order. And when they were open, it was very disgraceful inside. YUK!
    Again, smart spending by past Village Officials. Do we want to go there again?

  13. >thank you we all need that but who is going to clean it how about the parking man ha ha

  14. >Leave the bandshell as is. Expand off of the back to include a refreshment stand and bathrooms. Tying in to existing plumbing is the least cost alternative. This would simply be a modification of an existing structure. The bathrooms and refreshment stand would be elevated to the flood zone height requirements. They would be accessed by ramps.

  15. >If ANYTHING gets build at Vets, it better be in coordination with the Master Plan. As I recall there were very good arguements for relocating or tearing down the current band shell. Besides being ugly, its current location prevents optimal utilization of the entire Vets facility.

    It would be incredibly poor civic planning to build these bathrooms off the bandshell, only to tear them down a year from now. Can the Village Council PLEASE think this one through?

  16. >Thinking is not allowed 7:27. This is the Ridgewood Council we are talking about. Only wild spending will be tolerated.

  17. >Good luck finding a location on the field that can get approval from NJDEP. The entire field is in the floodplain. With the new regulations coming into force next week this idea is most likely DOA down with the tree huggers in Trenton.

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