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Fire Incident at Marcal Paper: A Timely Response Ensures Safety and Minimal Disruption

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Elmwood Park NJ, on a Friday afternoon, Marcal Paper in Elmwood Park faced a significant challenge as a four-alarm fire broke out, originating in the basement area of the facility. At the time of ignition, the cause remained unclear, prompting swift action from local authorities and emergency responders.

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Elmwood Park Police Chief Michael Foligno, speaking to, highlighted that the fire erupted sometime between noon and 12:30 p.m. in a confined space within the basement. Initial reports indicated that smoke emanated from beneath a steel plate, far removed from the operational paper machines. Despite efforts to contain the situation, the smoke escalated into a small fire, posing accessibility challenges.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of Marcal employees and the fire department, swift action was taken to remove the obstructing steel plate, effectively mitigating any further risk. A spokesperson from Marcal confirmed that the fire originated from a spark during routine maintenance in the area, emphasizing the proactive measures in response to such incidents.

By 3 p.m., the situation was brought under control, ensuring the safety of all Marcal workers who successfully evacuated the premises without major injuries. However, some firefighters faced heat-related issues and dehydration during the operation, as noted by Chief Foligno.

Reflecting on the incident, a Marcal spokesperson expressed gratitude for the swift response of local fire departments, whose timely intervention played a crucial role in containing the situation. “We are thankful that no Marcal associates were injured, and we will not have any material disruption of operations,” the spokesperson reassured.

This incident, though unsettling, stands in stark contrast to the tragic blaze that razed the original Marcal Paper Mill in 2019.

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