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Foundation asks to upgrade Stable in Ridgewood


Foundation asks to upgrade Stable in Ridgewood
Monday September 23, 2013, 10:58 AM
The Ridgewood News

Ridgewood Council members are reviewing a proposed donation from philanthropist David Bolger that would effectively provide for needed upgrades to the Parks and Recreation Department headquarters at the Lester Stable. The only likely roadblock from the village’s acceptance of the gift is an existing ordinance that restricts donations from a category of benefactors.

Council members are mulling over the terms of Ridgewood’s gift ordinance, a regulation originally voted into place in 2008 and revised two years later with the intent of prohibiting the village from accepting contributions from individuals and entities with applications before a municipal board. A real estate firm owned by Bolger and operated by his family currently has an application before Ridgewood’s Planning Board.

The ordinance was cited earlier this year when the council turned down funding from The Valley Hospital, which offered to defray the printing costs of Ridgewood’s emergency planning guide. It was again mentioned in July after council members accepted complimentary admission to a fundraiser for Gov. Christie

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13 thoughts on “Foundation asks to upgrade Stable in Ridgewood

  1. Just goes to show the people running this town are morons.

  2. Money (Bolger) talks, nobody (Village Council) walks.

  3. The gift ordinance was enacted to avoid this type of conflict. It should make the decision easy.

    Like the master plan, why do we create things if we are going to ignore them? He threatened to pull gifts in the past.–-has-david-bolger-decided-to-rescind-his-gifts-for-downtown-security-cameras-renovating-pease-library/

    He is aware of the gift ordinance.

  4. Bolger Village .

  5. this is a good man . we need more men like him.

  6. Ok so bite off our nose to spite our face.

  7. I guess your right 5&6 everyone has a price. The last time he wanted to do this he wanted the head of Park& Rec fired and his hand pick person put in his place. Is that the way we should except “gifts ” with strings attached. I would rather bite off my nose to spite my face for the sake of integrity. Nothing is for free.

  8. Ridgewood is for sale

  9. Why don’t we ask DOM what he thinks? Well DOM?

  10. Who was that nut job that came to a Council meeting and wanted to have a statue of St. Bolger put in the park? Yes, Ridgewood is for sale and you have 3 Council members who won’t mind selling .

  11. DOM can’t say anything till he test the waters with the Mayor. What ever the Mayor wants DOM wants.

  12. Dom has had his glass of wine put his night cap on and gone to bed to dream about who or what he is going to malign tomorrow. Goodnight Dom. Sweet Dreams.

  13. Upcoming Valley building replacing blood bank to be named for Bolger. Upcoming Midland Park Community Center on Godwin Avenue to be named for Bolger. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH–accept not one more cent from this selfish pig.

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