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Gannett Laying off 141 Employees at North Jersey Media group

bergen record
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January 24,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Gannett owner of the Bergen Record is issuing layoff notices to 141 employees in a second major round of job cuts since it purchased North Jersey Media group.

Many long-time readers of the Ridgewood blog know there was not much love loss between this blog and the former owners of the Bergen Record, the Borgs.  The Ridgewood blog was frequently the target of their ire.

The Record like most of New Jersey’s local media worked in collusion with the far left and seemed to support every new tax, and regulation chasing every business out of the state along with most retirees and high earning tax payers.

While we hate to see people lose their job, we know the same consideration would not be given to us.

The company said Monday the cuts will take place across its North Jersey Media Group, which includes The Record, the Herald News of Passaic County and

The McLean, Virginia-based Gannett Co. Inc. has previously eliminated over 100 jobs at the newspaper group right after purchasing the papers last summer.

The company says North Jersey Media Group is reorganizing to meet the growing digital demands of its readers and advertisers.

5 thoughts on “Gannett Laying off 141 Employees at North Jersey Media group

  1. Pass me a box of tissues please.

  2. The Borg Family Legacy
    Progressive Liberal Lies lead to this result.

  3. Digital is their excuse….how convenient…

  4. The Borg’s limousine liberal lifestyle will continue on long after the last employee is RIF’ed. I remember their old motto: “Friend of the people it serves”…a complete joke.

  5. The editor doblin is a left winger always kissing Corey bookers ass and granny wienburgs ass. Most of the op Ed pages are liberal Washington post writers . I read the obituaries. And the best use of the paper is to paper train your puppy.

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