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Garden State Plaza Mall Implementing a Chaperone policy for kids 17 and Younger

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Paramus NJ, hanging out at the mall has been a teenage tradition for many decades, but that’s all about to change at Westfield Malls Garden State Plaza. The Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus is banning minors on weekend nights unless they’re with an adult.

The mall is implementing a new parental guidance policy. Kids 17 years and younger will have to have an adult chaperone on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 p.m. until close. According to mall officials and employees, there has been an increase in unruly bratty teens, large young crowds, fights and loitering, which has been disrupting businesses and making it uncomfortable for customers.

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11 thoughts on “Garden State Plaza Mall Implementing a Chaperone policy for kids 17 and Younger

  1. It’s about time. Where are the parents in all of this and where are these large groups coming from? Frankly, I don’t go anywhere near that mall. Much too big and dangerous. And they want to put housing there? Absolutely crazy. Overall, Paramus is becoming too dangerous and I feel bad for the Paramus police department having to put up with all the nonsense.

    1. Nothing but trouble ever since the Amish started coming to the Mall…

  2. nice to see someone put their foot down

    1. Let’s see if the hoodlums start doing the same thing at the Bergen Mall or Paramus Park. If so, I would implement the same conditions there.

    2. “putting their foot down” would be aggressively arresting and prosecuting the criminals and animals… NOT punishing and putting restrictions on the 99% of good responsible decent kids.

      This “Parental Guidance Policy is a weak BS response of a coward and is not “putting their foot down”.

  3. parents should be prosecuted and the kids should be removed from the home

  4. parents should be banned not the kids

    1. How about both?

  5. Time to clean up these malls. These kids are a bunch of punks.

  6. Stay in paterson

  7. I think this is a great idea. Kids today have way too much leeway and travel in packs. They don’t even move out of the way for older folks to get by because they are too busy on their phones and it is not polite and downright dangerous and maybe if the parents have to take time out of their busy day to chaperone, there will be a little more oversight as to what is occuring.

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