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GOP Chairman Calls Out Governor Murphy on “knucklehead” Tweet

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ. New Jersey Republican Chairman Doug Steinhardt called out  Governor Phil Murphy once again  on his comments to Florida representative Mat Gaetz :

Doug Steinhardt Governor Phil Murphy

– it’s bad enough you keep pushing Jersey residents to Florida. Now you’re making sure Florida residents don’t come to Jersey. Sheesh…

Matt Gaetz

, you’re always welcome in

Gaetz responded to the Governors tweet , taunting the Governor sating he would regret that  tweet when he moves to Florida like the rest of New Jersey.

Representative Gaetz , for his part, welcomes New Jersians moving to Florida . New Jersey became the state most often left behind in the yearly  United Van Lines report on which states its customers are exiting and heading for. The long-running survey found twice as many N.J. residents outbound and inbound people from other states.

Whether it is a Ridgewood thing or statewide usually the big mouth “raise taxes” types are the first to flee the state when they get a chance . In Ridgewood we used to have a group that espoused , “if you cant afford the taxes you should leave” and of coarse they all did , leaving everyone else with the tax bill .

8 thoughts on “GOP Chairman Calls Out Governor Murphy on “knucklehead” Tweet

  1. And again with “leave the state”. Doesn’t he realize that people and businesses actually are? Don’t this state’s lemming democrats realize how dangerous this idiot is?

  2. He probably would regret moving to Florida, their governor has done such a good job protecting its taxpayers from covid after all…

  3. “Rep Matt Putz ???

    That doesn’t seem very “governorial”….

    Or does this standard only apply to the bad orange man?

    “Will you shut up, man? This is so unpresidential,” Biden said to Trump during the debates…

    Murphy needs to Shut-Up, man…. and leave the state.

  4. STOP! The problem with people moving from a blue state (i.e.; CA, NJ) to a red state (i.e.; TX, FL) is that they bring their voting habits with them. So PLEEZE do not encourage Murphy and his type to move to FL – they will destroy it, too!

  5. New Jersey voters have only themselves to blame for putting this guy in office. Wake up!

  6. Saw what a weak guy he is when confronted by two women. When he has security at a news conference he’s a big mouth. The only bite he has are those big choppers in his mouth. He may want to consider braces for a few reasons.

  7. @anonymous. please don’t lump us all together. North Jersey is responsible for all election outcomes. I wish we could separate north and south.

  8. He should go back to his tired old story about growing up poor. Do a TV show from his palace on the Navesink River in Monmouth County and further rub his wealth in everyone’s face.

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