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Glen Rock Home Ransacked by Burglars in Broad Daylight

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, according to the Glen Rock Police on Tuesday October 12th , Glen Rock police detectives started  investigating a break-in at a home on Cornwall Road.

A resident reported that their home had been broken into while they were out during daylight hours between 12:50 and 4:30 p.m.

Glen Rock police said burglars gained entry to the home by forcing a side door open. Once they gained access, the burglars “ransacked the master bedroom and several other locations,”

An inventory of stolen property will be prepared by the resident, and forwarded to police detectives.

The scene was processed for evidence by crime scene investigators from the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department , and the matter is currently under investigation by Glen Rock Detectives.

13 thoughts on “Glen Rock Home Ransacked by Burglars in Broad Daylight

  1. WTF is the matter with the residents who are too cheap to get a security system and or cameras
    Simplisafe do it yourself security is $15 per month and saves you 10-20 percent on homeowners insurance
    If your too cheap for that get amazon blink cameras and no monthly fees but no monitoring or insurance discount but at least it would have video for the cops to get the perps.

  2. This should be the focus of every local politician. These incidents will become more frequent as food and energy prices soar. Glen Rock and Ridgewood are five miles away from a city where most residents don’t have much disposable income. What is the plan?

  3. It’s worth repeating that criminals are getting more brazen.
    Phil Murphy’s relaxed stance on crime sends the wrong message. Criminals become more and more brazen when they know that law and order isn’t being supported.

    Vote for politicians that support the efforts of the police and do not condemn them for doing their jobs to keep our neighborhoods safe.

  4. These burglars are income inequality warriors. Right Libs?

  5. Libs are 1st to call cops when they feel threatened. By burglars or otherwise. Blame sheltered childhood, helicopter parenting, and beta male /childless female priorities.

  6. The first commenter is correct.

    Buy cameras for the front and back.

  7. Victim shaming for not having a security system or cameras. You should be asking why are criminals taking such risks. They know they’ll walk in a day or two if caught. Blame your shitty policies.

  8. I’m protected by ADT, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, and H&K. Dead burglars don’t talk. Shoot first, ask questions later.

  9. Sounds targeted James B.

  10. We’re just a few miles away from Paterson and with easy access to route 17. Cameras don’t do jack with everybody using face masks. Cameras would help in intersections and entry/exit points in town but our liberal resident base is “concerned” about privacy. We also need a better organized or more police officers considering the size of this town but social workers are in more fashion these days. Yes, as it has been said many times before, rich and stupid.

  11. It’s amazing how naïve the flower children are living in Our Borough and the surrounding towns.. less than 15 seconds is all they need to drill out your ignition cylinder and lock and be on their way to Newark or Patterson.. Your $250 security camera is no match for these pros! The best way to protect yourself is called the Second Amendment! A few dead car thieves and the problem would stop!

  12. I have an alarm, cameras, and dogs, and do you know works the best is dogs they notify us of anyone on the property. Usually once these dirtbags he’s a dog walk they run because they don’t want to get a bite right in there ass. And if I make it inside the house boy oh boy they’re either going to the hospital or the morgue I really don’t care.

  13. I cant imagine the FTARDs voting down on the first post
    You people too cheap to buy a security system don’t whine when you get burglarized.
    How do you expect the police to arrest the perps you dopes

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