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Glen Rock Library has been closed until further notice

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Glen Rock NJ, as of March 30th the Glen Rock Library has been closed .  On there Facebook page they issued the following statement:
“Out of an abundance of caution and care and concern for our community, the Glen Rock Library will be closed until further notice. Our blue return bins are closed as well. You may return your items to another BCCLS library or wait until we reopen. Your valid Glen Rock Library card can be used electronically or at another BCCLS library.”

7 thoughts on “Glen Rock Library has been closed until further notice

  1. Translation … staff refuse to come in.

  2. People may be tired of this virus but it’s not going away anytime soon.

    Watch the numbers spike when the kids get back from spring break.

  3. It must be both sad and exhausting to immediately assume the worst in everyone you cross paths with.

  4. Some people have become so preoccupied with death thanks to our politicians and news outlets. This disease only effects a minute percentage outside of nursing homes!

  5. The Left has the whole Covid excuse locked down tight. It won them the election and when the economy crashes under their new policies, the msm and the dems (same thing) will say it’s the result of DTs mismanagement of the crisis. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Of course they are still getting paid.
    Return your books at another library. LOL Why do they have to do your work?

  7. The people who made this decision in the face of rational thought and evidence, should not be cashing their checks. This is theft.

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