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Glen Rock Pool Badges on Sale Now

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Pool Badge Sales began Thursday, April 1st. Discounted memberships will be available for purchase until Saturday, May 15th.
This year, new memberships must be purchased online. Photos will need to be uploaded at the time of purchase – this is easiest when purchasing via a smart phone as you can access the camera feature to upload your photo.

Renewals by mail are preferred – checks should be mailed to 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ 07452, Attn: Pool Badges. Renewals can also be completed online.
The website to purchase pool badges is: 2021 pricing can be found below. Badges will be mailed to residents’ homes. No badges will be available for purchase at Borough Hall.
Please note there will be COVID precautions in place at the Municipal Pool this summer. These precautions include, but are not limited to maximum occupancy. More information will be available when official guidance is received from the state of New Jersey.
For questions please contact Chris O’Reilly, Director of Parks & Recreation, at or (201) 670–3951 x1.

4 thoughts on “Glen Rock Pool Badges on Sale Now

  1. I Wish Graydon was cemented in, GR pool is nice

  2. Yes Glenrock’s pool was always nice.

  3. I’m joining the town of Paramus again. The water slide is a hoot !

  4. RW has a horrible website in general and community pass is worse. GR is not much better. Is it the same web designer ? So many links and twists and turns to follow for a simple payment. That company needs to be fired along with those hiring and paying them.

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