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GOP Candidate Rosemary Becchi Documents Misconduct and Mishandling of Ballots in Essex County

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Parsippany NJ, Rosemary Becchi, Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 11th congressional district, sent a 31 page report to the U.S. State’s Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey citing inconsistent procedures, lack of ballot integrity and security, and unresponsiveness from the Essex County Board of Elections.

“I hope this report sheds light on the unfair and illegal voting practices that plagued this election” stated Rosemary Becchi upon sending the report to the State’s Attorney’s Office. “Voters in New Jersey deserve to have their votes counted in a fair manner and the process in Essex County clearly needs to come under the microscope and be held accountable to make sure voters aren’t deprived of their voice in the election process.”

The report includes first-hand accounts from 11 designated challengers on behalf of the Rosemary Becchi campaign along with photos and videos taken through windows of unsupervised ballot processing, unsecured and unsupervised ballot transportation, and multiple illegal election procedures.

The illegal processes outlined in the report include lack of cooperation with designated campaign challengers, unsupervised counting of ballots, ballot counting and processing behind closed doors with multiple unidentified parties entering and exiting the premises, unsecured ballot boxes, and ballot opening and sorting at undesignated locations of the Essex County Board of Records room in Newark. According to first-hand reports, ballots were re-routed to municipal buildings in both Nutley and West Orange after poll workers announced that the ballots were heading to Newark for official counting.

The Becchi Campaign reached out to the Essex County Board of Elections and sent emails to the Clerk of the Essex Board of Elections, Linda Von Nessi in real time on election day as their challengers reported irregularities but their emails and phone calls were not returned.

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  1. And so many others so many other states. The system is not working well.

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