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GOP Senate Candidate Singh Says Governor Phil Murphy’s Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal is Compromised

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LINWOOD NJ,  Hirsh Singh, the conservative candidate seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate is pitted in a tug-of-war with Governor Phil Murphy’s Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal over the failed vote-by-mail election held on July 7th.

“Tens of thousands of ballots remain uncounted, rejected or lost, disenfranchising tens of thousands of New Jersey voters,” Singh said. “But Phil Murphy’s Attorney General couldn’t care less because he’s more interested in representing the interests of Phil Murphy than the interests of the people.”

Singh, who recently filed for a recount in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate, has been appearing before Superior Court judges in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties. While recounts have been approved in three counties so far, Attorney General Grewal’s office has been fighting tooth and nail to stop the recounts or impose draconian fees in order to conduct them.

“The AG’s office is completely and utterly compromised,” Singh said. “Phil Murphy is hellbent on ending in-person voting and imposing vote-by-mail permanently, so the Attorney General’s Office is doing everything they can to hide how much of a failure the July 7th election has been.”

Singh said that more than four weeks after Election Day, counties remain unable or unwilling to provide basic information about the election, such as:

How many mail-in votes were received before or after the deadline;
How many mail-in votes were rejected and why;
How many mail-in voters were given the opportunity to “cure” their ballots and how many voters did so;
How many provisional votes were received;
How many provisional votes were rejected and why;
How many votes that were intended to be counted remain uncounted and when that initial count will ever be done;
How many ballots with clear markings were not tallied by scanners; and
How many ballots were counted despite bearing July 8th postmarks.

“If elections officials cannot manage a relatively small number of votes in a primary election,” Singh wondered, “How will they ever manage two, three, or four times as many in November?”

Media reports indicate that over 27,000 ballots were rejected in the July 7th election, however, Hudson County alone is said to have rejected over 6,000 ballots.

“The people of New Jersey deserve fair, open and honest elections,” Singh declared. “But the Attorney General’s Office isn’t fighting for that. Instead, they are pursuing a political vendetta against our campaign that began with bullying tactics. It continues today as they seek to wield influence over judges who are being asked to approve the recounts.”

Singh will be heard by judges in two more counties later today and said he expects decisions on recounts in two other counties to be handed down imminently.

“We will not stop fighting for every properly cast vote to be transparently and accurately counted,” Singh said.  “It’s shameful that we can’t count on the Attorney General to do the same.”

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