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Gottheimer’s Principals : Raise Money who cares if Iran Builds a Bomb

Josh Gottheimer

Gottheimer’s Price Tag on his Principles: $462,520.00

September 20,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Congressman Scott Garrett was an early and vocal opponent of President Obama’s nuclear arms deal, repeatedly announcing his concerns about the President’s framework in April 2015, voting against the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 in May, and denouncing the deal itself as soon as it was announced in July.

Meanwhile, Josh Gottheimer was waiting to see which way the political winds would blow before he took a stance. He was silent on President Obama’s framework for the deal in April and again in May, on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 – legislation that paved the way for the deal. He waited a full month before announcing his opposition to the deal itself – and even then, made sure to praise President Obama’s approach. Is it possible that the reason for Gottheimer’s delay in taking a stance on this crucial issue was the series of major Washington, DC fundraisers with Democratic insiders he had scheduled?

From April 2, 2015 when President Obama announced the framework for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program to August 17, 2015, Josh Gottheimer was silent on President Obama’s nuclear deal. Instead, he spent time leveraging his political insider connections to raise $462,520.00, thanks to his Washington, DC lobbyist friends.

Since announcing his “opposition” to the deal, he’s gone on to campaign and fundraise with Members of Congress who embrace the deal and are frequent critics of the State of Israel. He’s also refused to condemn the “ransom” payment to Iran.

Looks like Josh Gottheimer will say anything he needs to in order to get elected, but his loyalties are firmly with those trying to send him to Congress: Washington, DC Democratic lobbyists.

citation: Josh Gottheimer for Congress two year summary of itemized individual contributions attached, as downloaded from on Mon Sep 19 15:55:03 GMT 2016.

8 thoughts on “Gottheimer’s Principals : Raise Money who cares if Iran Builds a Bomb

  1. Can we please stop picking on Josh.
    You know he was a speechwriter for Bill and the Dumbocrats have high hopes for him.
    He also seems to be a good friend of Corey Booker and Tim Eustace.

  2. There is a Gottheimer poster wrapped around the bear by the Franklin Ave underpass that says ‘Lower taxes’

    I am still confused about whether that is a legit poster or someone just being sarcastic.

  3. Carpetbaggin’ Josh is just a Clinton acolyte. The sun is setting on the Clinton Empire minute by minute.

  4. The headline for the post has a disconnected thought. How does his fundraising help Iran build a bomb?

    I think Garret is feeling the heat.

  5. A ‘friend’ of Josh’s….?

  6. Keep voting for the democrat. The only politician trying to reduce our property taxes is now in court for creating a traffic jam at the GW

  7. 7:50 he’s not in court.

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