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Gov. Christie Lashes Out At Media

Gov. Christie Lashes Out At Media
November 9, 2012 5:16 PM

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (CBS) – New Jersey governor Chris Christie lashed out at the media during a news conference Friday afternoon over “careless reporting” in the aftermath of Sandy.

After being asked a question about a price gouging lawsuit concerning Bergen County, the governor began his answer by saying, “I want to be clear on this because you guys are starting to really misreport things. We were not part of the lawsuit.”

Christie then referenced an article that was posted by a business news institution earlier in the week claiming the governor called the President to congratulate him and only emailed Romney.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Christie Lashes Out At Media

  1. Regardless of who called who, it was CC who opened up NJ for an Obama campaign stop on the eve of the election. Not even the Germans would allow the anointed one access to campaign in front of the the Brandenburg Gate. To top it off, CC swoons over talking to Springsteen – the same former NJ resident who was bashing Romney and praising & fundraising for Obama. I guess he cares more about his own political life.

  2. … even that big lib Bloomberg told Obama to stay out during the height of Sandy.

    Maybe now everyone’s eyes will be opend to the fact that Christie is no great conservative.

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