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Governor Cuomo Blasted for Book Touting His Pandemic “Leadership”

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New York NY, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking some heat for releasing a book touting his efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Never mind that the state of New York lost 33,000 lives to the illness, and over a million residents have lost their jobs.

Governor Cuomo has yet to take responsibility for his weak performance in handling the crisis- specifically his negligence in forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients. At best, his victory lap is nothing short of tone deaf. At worse, the governor could be seen as cashing in on a pandemic that isn’t even over yet.

The New York Post Headline: “Gov. Cuomo Looks to Cash In With Book On Pandemic Despite NY Death Toll”

The Daily Mail: “Critics said it was shameful for him to be trying to make money from the situation when New York has been the worst-hit state by far in the nation.

The Buffalo News: “The book project by Cuomo has been getting slammed by some of his critics on the left and right, who question Cuomo personally profiting from a book about a virus that has killed 25,000 New Yorkers – more than any other state.”

The Wall Street Journal: “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” recounts Mr. Cuomo’s interactions with the federal government and other scenes from his response to this year’s coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more New Yorkers than residents of any other state.”

CBS News: “But to some, a book about ‘lessons’ seems, if not presumptuous, at least a bit premature. COVID cases are on the rise in a number of states, including New York.”

State Senator Gustavo Rivera (D) : “We should not be doing this right now, taking a victory lap, when we have more deaths in this state than any other state in the nation, more deaths than most countries in the world… It is obscene. It is immoral. And the governor shouldn’t do it.”


14 thoughts on “Governor Cuomo Blasted for Book Touting His Pandemic “Leadership”

  1. In the absence of national leadership I watched Governor Cuomo many days. He was factual and insightful. Should have headed up Pandemic Response Team. We still need a national resPonse, all we have are trump pandemic spreader events. Joy-riding when he Should be leading the country

    Cuomo is a leader who understands science.

  2. Pompous A$$

  3. Governor Cuomo sent elderly people to their death by requiring nursing homes to accept elderly patients who were tested positive with COVID-19, Hitler would have been quite proud of Governor Cuomo.

  4. Neuroradiologist Scott Atlas?

    1. and you are a what exactly?

  5. Each day on his daily “show“, Cuomo banged the table for 40-50k ventilators. He needed 10k. He is a grandstanding fool who doesn’t have the integrity to just say we made a few errors w elderly care and I am sorry. Instead he blames everyone including the NY Post, then does a 360 and claims it never happened in NY. He writes a book to further disrespect the 30k NYers who died, 10k in elderly facilities. He Is like most Democrats, lie and cheat to benefit their own self interest and don’t care about anyone else…

  6. I thought Mario Cuomo was the most pompous arrogant politician till this douchebag showed up.

  7. “Science” is just a way Democrats are trying to make themselves look smarter than dumb Republicans. However, just like climate change, they carefully cherry-pick the science bits that work for them. There also a great deal more to Covid management than just science. A good leader has to carefully balance science with all the other societal variables that are just as important, which yes, includes the economy. We know how easily and quickly panic starts. One minute it’s toilet paper, then next it’s rioting. Party of Science, my ass. The climate crap is pushed to better channel money to the right people and you idiot Dems fall for it as you have been conditioned to believe you are saving the world.

  8. Can you imagine the Left’s outrage if Trump had released a book at this time? There would be howls for him not focused on the country while writing a book.

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