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Governor Murphy Ignores Protests Threatens State Lock Down

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Bedminster NJ, Dozens of protesters descended on the governor’s home Saturday protesting COVID-19 restrictions .

State Senate candidate David Winkler tweeted footage of the gathering, which had first rallied in Bedminster, New Jersey, near President Donald Trump’s golf club. Police kept people from congregating very close to the governor’s house, according to

Phil Murphy said Sunday morning that it’s still a possibility that New Jersey could go back into a state-wide lockdown as coronavirus cases continue to spike in the midst of the second surge of the pandemic.

‘It’s on the table in terms of a shutdown,’ Murphy told Bret Baier on ‘Fox News Sunday’. ‘I don’t anticipate it and I sure as heck don’t want to go that route.’

He said federal aid in the form of another stimulus package would ‘give us a lot more ammunition to do a lot more things right now.’

With over 17,124 deaths in the state of New Jersey due to COVID , and nearly 40% of coronavirus-related fatalities in New Jersey have taken place at nursing homes. Governor Murphy’s polices have been a total failure .

15 thoughts on “Governor Murphy Ignores Protests Threatens State Lock Down

  1. This is what happens when you elect the wrong people

  2. If he wants people locked down why hasn’t any assistance and unemployment benfits ‘stimulas and su h been passed peoe desperately need
    Other s like new Mexico. UK governor s Margot peoe stimulas he can do something to give us help and least this situation

  3. New Jersey has faired a lot better than most States considering it has a close proximity to NYC & is such a densely populated State. If only there was a National strategy like mandatory mask wearing!

    1. lol New Jersey as usual leads the nation in failure , id settle for a little common sense

  4. Go Red next time all red States are open

  5. NJ Deaths 6.39% of total.
    Population 2.7% of total.
    Who said “New Jersey has faired a lot better than most States”

  6. He didn’t murder enough people yet

  7. The governor still wants everyone to wear their mask the mask do not work.they tell you don’t touch your face how many times a day do you touch your face moving the mask up and down after you’ve been inside a store , touching all the door handles that they do not disinfect anymore, touching the shopping carts that they do not disinfect anymore, because it doesn’t work plain and simple. It’s airborne people if you’re going to get it you’re going to get it,if you’re scared you’re going to get it then stay in your freaking house and don’t make it bad for everybody else who has to go out and maybe work for a living or whatever use your brains.

  8. he has failed he is a follower mot a leader he follows his buddy cuomo

  9. Commi POS. Ppl need to wake up to this pathetic excuse of a human and vote his a*s out . Vote red, get this state back together

  10. He is a loser and can only follow direction of others, he has no balls or common sense to be in politics, definitely the wrong person for our State !

  11. The policies haven’t worked because the Governor doesn’t do what he wants the
    people of NJ to do. There are lies to how many deaths due to the virus, especially
    nursing homes it is a fact especially from nursing homes they say all deaths are
    related to the virus which are not true. The Governor has been seen in a restaurant
    with a large amount of people not wearing a mask. He is on TV/media NOT wearing
    a mask. Practice what you breach. He is no better than when Christie closed the
    beach and he sat on the beach with his family.

  12. He can take his Nazi opinions and put them were the sun doesn’t shine.
    He is a liar. He has been seen eating at a table with a lot of people not
    wearing the mask. He is with the media NOT wearing a mask. He doesn’t
    have a mind of his own. He follows New York. Nursing home deaths are
    NOT all related to the virus. He is a waste of NJ taxpayers time.
    Go back to Massachusetts loser

  13. Some people like it that they’re shutting everything down there’s no traffic there’s not a lot of people in the stores no school traffic people are home things are quiet things are cleaner. I don’t know what the answer is. Who do we listen to the governor, the science, the doctors, who what do we do just wash your hands.

  14. All of those who voted for this knucklehead…u deserve him!

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