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Governor Murphy Invokes “Second Wave”, Just and Excuse for a New Round of Tyranny and Lock Downs on New Jersey Residents

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Trenton NJ, Governor Phil Murphy at his October 29th Press conference called the latest rise in COVID cases New Jersey’s Second wave, the Governor said  ,” I’m joined by a trio of outstanding individuals and great leaders. First by the woman who needs no introduction, the Commissioner of the Department of Health, Judy Persichilli; the State’s Epidemiologist, another very familiar face, Dr. Christina Tan, and another guy who needs no introduction, the Superintendent of the State Police, Colonel Pat Callahan. We will all get to today’s numbers in just a minute but here’s a bit of a spoiler alert. They continue to show that the second wave of the coronavirus is no longer something off in the future. It is coming, and it is coming now.”

“We have been seeing the numbers of new cases grow exponentially across the past several weeks and along with that, the numbers of patients being treated in our hospitals has similarly been on the rise. We are now urging you to double down on the practices that helped us flatten the curve in the first place last spring and throughout the summer: social distancing, washing your hands with soap and water frequently or using the high alcohol hand sanitizers, and critically, wearing a mask.

After eight months, I understand, we understand, that we are all suffering from pandemic fatigue but this virus has been waiting for us to get lax in our personal responsibilities so that it can come roaring back. And in particular, we’re seeing many of the new cases linked to small gatherings in private homes, where folks are more apt to let their guard down, especially in not social distancing. We urge you — please, folks, I urge you — to get back to that level of vigilance that you showed six months ago, so that we could beat back this second wave. And in return, I commit to you, as a state, we are ready for it.”

It appears the governor looks to prolong his state of tyranny by invoking the “second wave” giving him cause to hold  an ever lasting “health emergency ” dictatorship.

11 thoughts on “Governor Murphy Invokes “Second Wave”, Just and Excuse for a New Round of Tyranny and Lock Downs on New Jersey Residents

    Check the data on NJ.
    Increased number of cases….yes. (not exponentially)(some of it explained by increased testing)
    Death chart has been a flat line for months. (pardon my pun)

  2. Lots of sirens last night when I was driving down Paramus Road.

    Two ambulances arrived at my neighbor’s house during dinner.

  3. Over 90K new cases yesterday…

  4. Protect the vulnerable, get on with life

  5. Ok here we go!!! Killing businesses wake up New Jersey he sucks amc needs to go

  6. COVID case counting is a straw man.
    (and they know it, but people are easily manipulated)

    Deaths and hospitalizations (as a percentage of population and as compared to other viruses) for people without other underlying conditions are the numbers to focus on.
    But there is no political gain in accurately presenting the information.

    They don’t even break out symptomatic and “non-symptomatic” (which is historically not couted as an infection per se, but classified as a carrier) cases, let alone categorize the cases by severity.

    Its a straw man used to gin up fear and discontent to try to win the election.

    They know it.
    It’s too bad that too many people are easily frightened and misinformed.

  7. The seven-day average in early September was around 300 cases per day, it is now at 1500 cases per day a 400% increase.

  8. It is such a perverted reality when politicians decide to destroy countless businesses for their political agenda. I know there is a virus danger but I do not believe their numbers, they manipulate those #s at will. Look at the long term chain stores that are being shut down everywhere, the small businesses that have been massacred , the unemployed that God knows when will be able to enter the active workforce again. Ok, nobody denies we are dealing with a very dangerous virus but the government cannot protect people by shutting down the economy and locking people at home. People should be allowed to protect themselves through wearing masks everywhere or stay home when and if they wish to. Most employers have given the option of remote work for their employees. The elderly and those with other conditions know that best for them is to stay home. Instead politicians treat their constituents like retards who do not understand the danger and therefore needs to impose drastic measures on them and lock them up. And they may be onto something because the majority of NJ voters are indeed retards for voting the same people who continually screw them. Look around and see what NJ has become and yet Goth and Booker will stroll into another mandate and so will Murphy. It is a catastrophe. Garden State my @ss

  9. You dirty people Better wash your hands.

  10. We need to let doctors treat people with the many treatments available early before they need Togo to the hospital. Even If treatments are not a 100 cure or only partially successful, it will be enough to keep people alive and out of the hospital. Meanwhile we need to work, we need money.
    See this:

    This is a useful stats tracker…

  11. After the election, the virus will automatically disappear

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