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Governor Murphy’s Lack of Planning for Reopening the New Jersey Economy will be Disastrous for every Small Business in our State

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Rivervale NJ,  Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi calls Governor Murphy’s lack of planning  for reopening the New Jersey economy ,”This will be disastrous for every small business in our State. We must allow for safely reopening segments of our economy. Yes, this virus is serious. Yes, people have gotten very ill and some have died including people I know personally. Unfortunately a large majority of those who have died in Bergen County were our most vulnerable residents in our Veterans homes and Long Term Care Facilities. In fact out of the 1,261 deaths in Bergen, 721 of those deaths were residents of our Long Term Care Facilities. ”

“We must strike an appropriate balance between protecting our most vulnerable and 1. Collapsing our economy in a way it can never recover, 2. Creating mental health issues (including an uptick in agoraphobia, depression and anxiety) by promoting constant fear, 3. Potentially creating long term other health issues for entire segments of our population who are foregoing preventive screenings, doctors appointments and regular medical care and 4. Setting never achievable “goals” prior to safely reopening.”

“As a start, allow our small businesses the ability to operate no differently than the big box retailers who have been permitted to remain open throughout this pandemic. Limit the number of people in a store. If needed to start, mandate by appointment only for the first several weeks. Allow for curbside pickup of items purchased online. Allow to go alcohol sales from our struggling restaurants. Cut the red tape to allow these businesses to survive in a socially responsible way. Don’t kick the can.”

10 thoughts on “Governor Murphy’s Lack of Planning for Reopening the New Jersey Economy will be Disastrous for every Small Business in our State

  1. If we don’t have common sense reopening of the economy this state will be in a depression. IF your old or have an underlying condition. stay home. leave the rest of us alone

  2. 66 percent of new hospitalizations in New York are people who were at home…didn’t venture out of the house. it’s time to open up the village so our small business owners can try to save their businesses and support their families.

  3. Murphy gets his instructions from the DNC. The DNC want the economy to suffer as part of their dump Trump plan. They don’t want him to get his economy back and this Covid stuff is their new angle going into the election. God help us if creepy Joe gets in.

  4. Don’t let these people(polititions) get away with taking our Freedom away! We still have freedom of choice! These people that are shutting down our freedoms are all very well off, money wise, and don’t care about the rest of us because 1. They are still getting paid (by us! By the way) & 2. Because this will Not effect them at all, they have people doing there food shop, they themselves are out & about! Remember do as I say not as I do! They are just think they know best cause they are smarter then you and me. That is soooooooo not the case!!!! They have no clue at all and if we let them get away with this then we all deserve what we get! It time to let all these no-it-alls here whar we think and want they are not the boss of us- We Are! Let them know how we feel!

  5. This is just Not fair for our businesses!!!…And I Absolutely agree that These polititions have No Clue what we are all going thru!!!They have no care in the world!!!Everytime Murphy says he knows n he knows what we’re going through he makes me n everyone I know ill!!!…Shut Up when y’all say we are rushing!!!You do not have to provide for your family,Do You!?!?! These politicians should be made to live like the ppl of NJ!!!!!!Start listening to the ppl!!!!Open businesses slowly n let them open n provide for their livelihood n families!!!!!!!!😡🙄😡🙄🤬😤🤬😐

  6. Before this happened we believe there was about 25 empty stores throughout the CBD. Can you imagine what’s going to happen another 30 days quarantine. How many stores are just hanging on barely making any money because the rental so damn high. And the landlords don’t give two shits about anyone please. They are about collecting rents putting very little money back into the building, and if they can’t rent out they have insurance.

  7. Governor Murphy is doing a great job
    Protecting people’s lives
    You opened a business and are under capitalized from jump street , then don’t open the business . If you live week to week in your business then you should not be in business
    People lives are more important than your selfish needs
    You should of put money away for a Rainey day instead of buying lunch out , going to dinners getting your self over hocked on credit
    There is nobody to blame but yourself
    Next time don’t try to keep up with the Jones s
    Money is replaceable people s lives are not
    Great job Murpyh and cuomo

    1. so murdering people in nursing homes is OK?

  8. Joe= someone who has never run a business ever

  9. I love all the big mouths who are getting paid telling people its ok to shut down your biz, see your family starve , lose your home , lose your career , and guess what not paying taxes to fund your pensions

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