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Governor Murphy’s New Energy Master Plan will Lead to Dramatically Higher Energy Prices

Governor Murphy’s New Energy Master Plan Will Ban New Homes & Businesses from Having Access to Affordable, Reliable Natural Gas

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Trenton NJ, Senator Anthony Bucco said Governor Phil Murphy should rethink his plan to prohibit newly constructed homes and businesses from having access to affordable and reliable natural gas.

“Governor Murphy’s new Energy Master Plan acknowledges that 75% of existing residences in the state are heated with natural gas,” said Bucco (R-25). “That so many New Jersey families currently depend on natural gas is not a coincidence. It’s affordable, reliable for heating and cooking, and dependable for emergency standby power generation when electric lines are knocked out during storms like Sandy.”

Bucco said maintaining natural gas systems provides a critical level of redundancy in emergency situations when electric-grid power is unavailable.

“People deserve to make choices about what level of risk they are willing to take with their own homes,” said Bucco. “While some people may place greater value on the environmental benefits of using fully electric appliances, others have legitimate concerns about losing the ability that is provided by natural gas to heat their homes, cook food, or run a standby generator to power a sump pump or refrigerator when the power goes out. A one-size-fits-all approach shouldn’t be forced on everyone.”

Bucco also noted that removing natural gas connections as an option for new construction could lead to dramatically higher energy prices for consumers.

“Some experts have said that the governor’s plan to force consumers to use electric appliances could double or triple their energy bills,” added Bucco. “When so many middle-class families and small businesses are already struggling to survive, Governor Murphy shouldn’t be working to drive their utility bills through the roof. It’s a hidden energy tax that New Jersey just can’t afford.”

7 thoughts on “Governor Murphy’s New Energy Master Plan will Lead to Dramatically Higher Energy Prices

  1. I guess he liked Cuomo’s idea. Even though it’s not working out.

    But he’ll break the Goldman Sachs curse and get re-elected.

  2. Murphy is a billionaire who cannot or won’t try to understand the working class people’s daily struggles. He is not a jersey guy and never will be. It is obvious from this article that his right elitist attitude shows no concern for the people of NJ who have to work hard to keep up with rising costs for our basic needs. Phil can’t you stop with trying to increase NJ cost of living. Remember most of us are hard working legal citizens who are also paying for the illegals. Try caring about us but if it is too much pressure maybe you better take another vacation in your 23 room villa in Italy.

  3. “Murphy is a billionaire who cannot or won’t try to understand the working class people’s daily struggles.”

    He doesn’t have to. He knows better, didn’t you know. The teachers will endorse him, he’ll pay for his own campaign, and the “get out the vote” folks will vote for the D.

  4. Amazing how democrats are perceived of as helping working class and poor because they make BS promises about giving them money from taxing the “rich” but then the reality is that we all pay more. Higher energy costs will be effectively a regressive invisible tax on the middle and lower income people. Yet it is not publicly understood by the very people it harms the most. Sad.

  5. ” …his right elitist attitude… “

    Nice Try.

    Here, fixed that fer ya
    … his left (liberal) elitist attitude

  6. another limousine liberal mass-hole. Just like bloomberg

  7. Vote Murphy out!

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