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Governor Murphy’s Vaccine Mandate Intentions are Clear

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Governor Murphy has publicly insisted he had no immediate plans to invoke more restrictive COVID mandates similar to what New York City Major Bill de Blasio has done, but Senator Mike Doherty isn’t buying it.

“Nobody should be shocked if the Governor implements DeBlasio-style vaccine and vaccine passport mandates two days after the election,” said Doherty (R-23). “He’s not honest enough to tell New Jerseyans the truth, but that’s exactly what he wants to do. Murphy regards state residents as rubes that he can easily fool.”

Doherty’s suspicions were supported Monday when an undercover video was released by Project Veritas that caught two close allies of the Governor asserting that a statewide vaccine mandate was coming after Election Day.

“Throughout the pandemic, Murphy took advantage of every opportunity to limit our liberty, strip away freedoms, and rule like a dictator,” Doherty said. “Vaccine mandates like they have forced on residents in New York City fit right in the Governor’s heavy-handed authoritarian style.”

New York City is requiring all city employees, including police and fire fighters, to be vaccinated. The new mandate eliminates the testing option for non-vaccinated workers.

Teachers in the city faced a vaccine deadline earlier this month, and for two months, the city has required that people age 12 and older show proof they have had at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose for indoor dining, indoor fitness activities and indoor entertainment, including movie theaters, concert venues, museums and sports arenas.

“This is precisely why the Legislature must act to limit emergency powers and prevent any governor from grabbing unchecked unilateral authority during a crisis,” said Doherty. “This is not the way New Jersey government is supposed to work.”

Doherty sponsor legislation, S-2482, which would prohibit certain emergency executive orders from lasting more than 14 days unless the Legislature approves an extension.

“A governor needs to be able to respond quickly when emergencies happen, but they shouldn’t be able to grant themselves open-ended powers as Governor Murphy has done for 18 months,” said Doherty. “At some point, the public deserves for their elected legislators to have a say on important matters impacting the lives and livelihoods of their constituents.”

6 thoughts on “Governor Murphy’s Vaccine Mandate Intentions are Clear

  1. The only reason this left wing socialist has ‘paused’ is due to the upcoming election.
    If you morons vote “D” column and give him another term, say goodbye to NJ.
    Higher property taxes.
    State $$$ flowing to shit hole inner cities where he bought his vote
    Big $$ benefits to illegal aliens.
    Corzine almost ruined the state, this guy will finish it off.
    Just like a typical wall street crook, milk the assets and bail when it fails (as he will get some plum appointment from Dementia Case Biden) and leave us with his ‘lt gov’ to fill his shoes.
    As always this state is run by the Democrats from the shithole big cities with larger populations

  2. He’s an a-hole.

  3. “Governor Murphy has publicly insisted he had no immediate plans”

    Plenty of weasel words there…………………………..

  4. Throw this bumb out. Vote for Jack!

  5. As long as he has the teachers union he isnt losing. Unfortunately. How can anyone believe anything any of them say? Both sides.

  6. He’s nothing but a LIAR!

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