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Governor Phil Murphy “Gun Violence Prevention” Fail

\the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Newark NJ, Governor Phil Murphy this morning unveiled what he described as the most significant “gun violence prevention package in the history of the nation.”

The proposal includes $10 million street outreach. “These will be new funds,” Murphy said.

The Governor then rattled off some of the other provisions in the “sweeping package”.

These include:

Mandating the storage of all guns in a lock box.

Increasing the minimum age for buying a gun to 21.

All guns would be equipped with microtechnology enabling the tracing of bullets to specific guns.

Electronic record keeping of all ammunition sold in New Jersey.

Ban the sale of .50 caliber guns.

Closing the loophole that allows those moving to New Jersey from out of state to be free and clear from the procedures and requirements of New Jersey.

Murphy also wants to increase the accountability of the gun industry.

Numerous allies joined Murphy at the announcement.

When Kane killed Able , we blamed Kane not the rock, and the governor once again falls on the tried and failed methods  , treating the symptom not the problem , penalizing legal gun owners and doing nothing to protect communities from violence .  State Senator Holly Schepisi, summarized Governor Murphy’s knee jerk reaction ,”Gun Violence Prevention Package ” .

Senator Schepisi  said in a Facebook post , ” Unbeknownst to many people, New Jersey currently has one of the strictest set of gun laws in the entire nation. Anyone who has been through the process of being approved to own a firearm and then purchasing a firearm in NJ can attest to the fact that it is a lengthy, time consuming process that involves many months, fingerprinting, background checks, etc.

There has been a recent uptick in violence in New Jersey’s cities with one half of all murders taking place in just 5 cities in New Jersey. Most of these homicides involve illegal possession of a firearm by the murderer. In New Jersey, almost 80% of guns used in crimes are originally purchased outside of the state.
So what is the Governor proposing to do to stop these homicides? His answer is to penalize law abiding citizens who are not committing these crimes by making it even more difficult to legally possess a firearm in New Jersey, by mandating that New Jersey gun owners can only buy handguns with technology that doesn’t even exist and by suing gun manufacturers for making guns.
Maybe we should focus on enforcing existing laws such as the one that makes it illegal for criminals to use a gun to commit murder?”

6 thoughts on “Governor Phil Murphy “Gun Violence Prevention” Fail

  1. Hey, Murph – Here’s an idea proven to reduce gun crime:

  2. The snowflakes in Ridgewood might be shocked at the amount of guns their neighbors have. Yet there is virtually zero gun crime in Ridgewood.

  3. These are talking point for a start and there should be discussion about it.

    This move was to force a the discussion, and some of the ideas aren’t bad, why shouldn’t you have a training course that comes with getting the permit? Please yes take my tax dollars for that at least, the amount of idiots I see at the range or times an attendant has to pull someone from a booth…

    1. because there is ZERO evidence that legal gun owners are the major committers of gun crimes , next time you are in Paterson in a shoot out you can bet drug gangs are not using legal firearms

  4. a disarmed population is an easier to control population.

  5. He REFUSES to ‘follow the serial number’ on guns taken off thugs and criminals.
    The ATF has the records of every serial # from the gun manufacturer.
    Follow the serial # and if its a ‘straw buyer’ the federal laws will put them away for 20 years.
    He REFUSES to say how many gun crimes are committed by people who legally obtain the firearm…because it DOES NOT HAPPEN.
    He refuses to say how many lives were saved by prohibiting the possession of 15 round magazines (LEGALLY PURCHASED) that had to be junked in favor of 10 round magazines.. be IT DOESNT HAPPEN
    He refused to say how many NRA members commit gun crimes.. BC it DOES NOT HAPPEN.
    Lets face the fact. the thugs in the named 5 shit hole cities in NJ are the criminals responsible for gun violence. And CRIMINALS DON”T OBEY LAWS.
    Perhaps he should focus on CRIME CONTROL.
    The gun isn’t the problem. Its the young man from the disfunctional ‘family’ in the inner city pulling the trigger, But failing to recognize this social problem won’t fix the problem.
    The gun isn’t the problem. Stop blaming the gun.
    Do we blame the fork and plate for making people fat?
    Do we blame the pen and pencil for your stupid kid not passing a test>?

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