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>Graydon Pool : "the important thing is to do it right"

>In front of a packed court room at the Village Hall this Wednesday night residents sounded off both for and against some of the proposed initiatives for Gaydon Pool.

The Village has divided itself into two camps ; one is looking for a modern updated “aquatic center” and the other looking to preserve the natural characteristics of the traditional Graydon Pool.

“There was kind of an overtone that we’re rushing into something,” Pfund said. “An RFP is not a determination that anything is going to be done with Graydon, and it is important that everybody realizes that.”

Council Members stressed both the need for an update of Graydon while cautioning that nothing was set in stone . Mayor Pfund and the rest of the Village council with the exception of Paul Aronshon spent most of the evening attempting to reassure Villagers that nothing was a forgone conclusion.

Councilmen Aronsohn continued his push for change “The fact of the matter is there’s a financial imperative, there’s a health imperative,” Aronsohn said. “Ladies and gentlemen, we need to move forward, [and] we need to move forward with civility. All voices, all people have a seat at the table.”

In the end ,the evening can best be summed up buy the wise and thoughtful words of long time Councilmen Pat Mancuso,”It’s not important to rush in right now and spend a lot of money,” Pat went on to say , “The important thing is to do it right.”

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