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Group of N.J. prosecutors endorses legalization of marijuana


Group of N.J. prosecutors endorses legalization of marijuana

MARCH 31, 2014, 6:29 PM    LAST UPDATED: MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014, 6:33 PM

A group of municipal prosecutors has endorsed legalization of marijuana, a move that could signal growing support in the law enforcement community for reform of New Jersey’s drug laws.

At a sparsely attended meeting in February, the trustees of the New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association voted by a 7-2 margin on a verbal, non-binding resolution, affirming general support for legalization of pot, “with reasonable regulations,” according to the association’s president, Jon-Henry Barr.

“It is increasingly clear to me that we are doing this incorrectly,” said Barr, who is a municipal prosecutor in Clark and Kenilworth. “What we should be doing is strictly regulating it, taxing it, and treating it the way we do alcohol.”

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4 thoughts on “Group of N.J. prosecutors endorses legalization of marijuana

  1. Very small group from the prosecutors considering how may towns are in NJ.

  2. If it was legalized it would definitely lighten the municipal court work load!

  3. It could reduce the of cases tying up the court calendars ……….good story posted, thanks.

  4. I think this story ran right next to the one about the Heroin epidemic in NJ.

    Maybe we can get these legislators to endorse legalization of Heroin… solve two problems at once.

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