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>Harlow Casts Solitary “No” Vote for Police Car Purchases

>Citing his concern that the Village’s fleet of 17 police cars may be excessive, Councilman Jacques Harlow cast the lone “no” vote for a resolution authorizing the purchase of 2 new Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors for Ridgewood’s police department.

Despite Harlow’s “no” vote, the resolution passed. Chief William Corcoran and his officers should be receiving the cars by November. They will be used as replacements for 2 aging vehicles in the fleet (Corcoran previously advised Council members that there are no marked vehicles in inventory with less than 40K miles).

21 thoughts on “>Harlow Casts Solitary “No” Vote for Police Car Purchases

  1. >so we are buying new cars and painting the old cars?

  2. >Someone needs to replace the aging Jacques Harlow.

  3. >While I don’t understand the need to paint the old police cars, I acknowledge the need to replace the aging fleet. I’m told that there are police cars with almost 100,000 miles, not to mention the engine hours, and many of the cars won’t start on a frequent basis. I fine this deeply disturbing not to mention potentially dangerous, especially if they were needed to respond to a life threatening emergency. Our taxes are being wasted on so many things and people, yet the village can’t keep their emergency vehicles running. If Harlow and company are so concerned about keeping expenses down, then why did they approve the creation of so many unnecessary new management positions in village as well as in the police department. Maybe if they stopped taking care of their friends and the chosen few, and stopped wasting the money wood chips and horse farms, our tax dollars would go where they were needed, namely maintaining the level of services we deserve.

  4. >Jacques Harlow is the only one who ever easy NO to anything ,we need more of him not less

  5. >Harlow is just stubborn and doesn’t know about anything of our village departments.

  6. >”Despite Harlow’s ‘no’ vote, the resolution passed.” Huh? That is an odd statement. He was the only ‘no’ voter. Eveyone else disagreed and thought it made sense and was a good idea. Seems to make sense to gradually replace aging emergency vehicles, rather than put it off and replace more vehicles all at once.

  7. >Maybe I’m crazy but in this day and age, cars with 100,000 miles should still function well and should certainly start IF they are well maintained. Cars with 40,000 miles are almost brand new (I have two cars with 170K miles). Are the police cars being adequately maintained by the garage? Are the Officers taking car of the car? Are they serviced in a timely manner? Are they unnecessarily idling the cars for long periods of time? Etc. Something is wrong if we’re replacing cars with 50K miles on them. Perhaps it’s the maintenance and not the cars? Can these low milege cars by repainted and used by the Village for other departments???

    With that said, I do support replacing any police cars that need replacing.

  8. >40,000 local miles are a lot harder on cars than 100,000 hignway miles.

  9. >Replacing cars with 40, 50, 60K miles seems indulgent — local miles or not. My 1992 Toyota Camry V6 engine has 196K mostly local Ridgewood miles.

    I think 11:32 makes a good point about adequate maintenance and reuse.

    IMHO. Thanks.

  10. >and ps to you no who,your next on the choping smart your self real fast. your next

  11. >An earlier blogger mentioned that there should be some sort of leasing available whereby the cars are rotated on a scheduled basis. This does leave the politicians out of it. I do not know what the comparative costs would be though.

  12. >with regards to the mileage, emergency vehicles receive more ware than normal cars, as they are responding to emergencies. They do tend to idle more than regular vehicles, however you can’t turn the engine off if the emergency lights are for traffic accidents and the like. These vehicles are generally on the road 24/7, unlike the vehicle. The average roll over on a police car is roughly two years of daily service. Many towns then cycle these vehicles for non-emergency use. I too wonder what is being done to maintain these vehicles, as well as whether the village is cycling the police units or just running them into the ground.

  13. >Jaques Harlow should be commended on making sure our taxpayer dollars are wisely spent.

  14. >You cant compare a police car to your personal vehicle. They are used in a much different manner. These vehicle along with all the other village emergency vehicle should always be in the best shape possible. if that means cracking down on the crappy garage they have then do so!!! No police car should still be on the road if it has over 100,000 miles. I would hate to see your reaction if you needed a cop for an emergency and they couldn’t get there because the cars don’t run. Face it..Harlow does not care one bit about the safety of the residents!!!!

  15. >The town used to rotate these police vehicles out earlier in their life (i.e. before they were falling apart and breaking down) to the non-public safety departments such as health, building, engineering, dpw supervisors. Since all of those departments decided that they are too good for used police cars they now drive around in brand new SUV’s so there is no longer a use for these used police cars. They should switch out these cars for those other departments and save money by not buying all of those brand new cars and SUV’s for the other departments who would be able to use a used car.

  16. >Like it or not we must keep our police cars in tiptop shape.

  17. >Can we sell a couple of our council members to pay for new cars?

  18. >to mr harlow.all i can say is a big fat hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  19. >What does the village do with the used police cars if the other village workers don’t want them? Can they sell them to the public?

  20. >I know for fact that these cars are repainted and sold to the public. It is not made common knowledge when these sales are done but I am sure it is advertised in the papers.
    I think the use of VERISON and PSE&G using our cars for their road work(idleing hours on end) should be put aside in a seperate fund for purchasing new cars. If we are not receiving enough funds from them mabey we should increase our rates to these companies or possibly have them purchase new cars for us on a timely basis.

  21. >WOWSER … a repainted police car with a big engine … every teen boy’s fantasy.

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