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>have been appalled by the village’s lack of fiscal discipline

>Given the current economic environment, fiscal discipline certainly is in order. Look at approval of emergency appropriations from 12/10 meeting-
Approve Emergency Appropriations – Current Fund – Makes an emergency appropriation for various departments in a total amount of $332,548 which is necessary due to the fact that the Uniform Construction Code Trust Fund will not generate sufficient revenues to support its indirect expenses for the Current Fund Operating budget for these various departments

In addition, you would have to imagine next year’s budget will be facing a big hole in terms of higher pension costs given most pension funds are down 20%+ this year and this is one of the largest expenses in the budget.

Since I moved to Ridgewood 5 years ago, I have been appalled by the village’s lack of fiscal discipline (spending on putting greens,etc.) and inability to manage large capital projects (village hall reconstruction, Habernickel farm development). Why will the Schedler property be any different? Also, the Village would be giving up $40k in annual taxes as an undeveloped property plus how much in additional costs (insurance, etc.) where the Village really needs all the revenue it can get at this point.
I’d rather see Schedler developed as single family homes or as a commercial space where we can get more property taxes.

There’s nothing wrong with open space but the problem with Ridgewood is they haven’t shown any ability to manage or maintain properly their existing open space.

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