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Hawes Trespasser Incident Leaves Many on Edge over School Security

Hawes School

March 9.2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it is being reported by several news outlets that Hawes Elementary School reported and intruder sometime last week .The incident happened around 8pm last Wednesday evening. The man was not inside the school but was on school property and walked up Stevens.

The intruder or trespasser was described as a 26 year old from Newark who appeared drugged out or under the influence of something. It has been reported that the man in question asked directions , was given them , left and the police were immediately called.

The Ridgewood Police responded ,noticed incoherent behavior and the 26-year-old Newark man was taken into custody and charged with being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance and then transported to New Bridge Medical Center in Paramus for treatment.

The original reports omitted the incident happened at night after school hours . The incident has many on edge over school safety ,but appears to be nothing more than another drug related incident.

5 thoughts on “Hawes Trespasser Incident Leaves Many on Edge over School Security

  1. While I am concerned about school safety, a guy on drugs, wandering on school grounds at 8pm, who caused no disturbance and left after getting directions seems like a complete non issue to me.

    We could have tanks and heavily armed security during the school day and this same thing could have happened.

  2. Is it against the law to be on school property when the building is closed?

  3. Tempest in a teapot….kids drink and smoke behind the school every weekend….

  4. People that’s why I buy a BB gun and shoot people right in the ass they leave

  5. Let’s pass a law…. we need a “Newark Resident Control” bill.
    Do It Fer Da Kidz.

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