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Here’s What You Need to Do When Your ACLS Certificate Has Expired

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If you have a certificate of ACLS training that has recently expired, it is time to renew your ACLS certification. The ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and this certification is necessary if you want to work in a hospital or other health care facility. If you are unsure about what steps need to be taken in order to renew your ACLS certificate, read on! 

Check the expiration date on your ACLS certificate

You have to check the ACLS expiration date on your ACLS certificate every year to make sure it’s still valid. New ACLS classes are required every two years, and if you don’t take the class before your ACLS expires then there might be consequences such as being denied entry into an emergency room or having a healthcare facility refuse treatment.

Remember that you should not perform ACLS on an individual if the ACLS certificate has expired, as this can be dangerous for both you and that person. If your ACLS is going to expire soon then it’s time for a refresher course!

You should also know about the expiration date of any ACLs certifications in order to make sure they stay valid. Keep in mind when renewing ACLs certificates there are two options: registering with an institution or completing a self-study, which will require either reviewing materials online or getting help from others who have already taken classes. You should choose whichever option suits your needs best since results vary depending on what type of learner you are!

Fill out and submit a request for renewal 

You have to submit a renewal request to the ACLS. Renewal Program and you may have a fee of up $125-200. You can also buy ACLS online by paying upwards of $750. 

Make sure to fill out the request correctly and submit it before your ACLS certificate expires. The ACLS certification is mandatory for anybody who wants to work in a healthcare setting, such as nursing or emergency services. 

When the ACLS certificate has expired, you are no longer able to perform CPR on anyone without risking legal repercussions. If you find yourself with an expiring ACLS certification, request a renewal right away. The process can be completed online but there may be additional fees associated with this option that vary depending on what type of account you have registered for ACLS. However, if you opt for ACLS online renewal you’ll have an easier time finishing the process. Most people do it that way nowadays.

Attend an approved ACLS course

You have to attend a course at an accredited ACLS course provider in order to renew your ACLS certificate. ACLS courses focus on advanced life support training, including skills that are needed for high-stress or emergency situations.

If you attend a two-day course and pass the final exam, then it will only take one year before you can retake the ACLS certification. You’re able to revalidate as many times as necessary until you successfully complete all of the skill demonstrations during testing.

The AHA works with over 200 ACLs Course Providers across the country to ensure they meet their standards for quality and content delivery so that students know exactly what they’re getting when signing up for a class. 

Submit payment of $150, which includes a processing fee and the cost of the course 

You are going to have to pay $150, which includes a processing fee and the cost of the ACLS course. ACLS is worth every penny because it’s an important part of your medical training 

If you want to be able to show you have ACLS certification in 2021, then now is the time to do something about it! You can submit payment by credit card or PayPal account right on our website.

Without paying your ACLS renewal fee, your certification will expire. Once you have submitted payment and completed the course, you will get your certificate by email in just a few minutes! If you have trouble submitting payment you should contact the ones who provided you with the certification in the first place. 

Print your new ACLS certificate once it is processed 

Once everything is done, it is time to print your ACLS certificate. ACLS certificates are valid for two years, so once it has expired and you have renewed it, printing will be the first thing that needs to happen. To complete this process, go back to the ACLM website where you were able to renew your ACLS certificate in order to print a copy of it. 

Make sure you renew your ACLS certificate before it expires. If the date has passed, don’t worry! You can request a renewal and attend an approved course to get up-to-date on the latest standards of care for performing CPR in adults, children, and infants. If you are stuck in the process, always contact your provider for additional information. Good luck!

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