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High Crime Forces Amazon to Flee Seattle

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Seattle Wa, “Woke” tech companies have long acted as if they are immune to mundane concerns about crime, taxes, and other “lifestyle” issues where they are based. But that’ may be starting to change.

Some 30 major cities across the U.S. are recording record or near-record homicides this year. Some are seeing the rise of criminals who have industrialized shoplifting. Harassment of residents by the homeless is on the rise.

Amazon, an anchor of Seattle’s employment for decades, is rethinking its commitment by temporarily relocating employees from its downtown Seattle building due to a crime wave. The neighborhood has seen three shootings, two stabbings, and a carjacking since February 21. Michael del Bianco, a 15-year-old boy, was shot and killed where Amazon’s office is located on March 2.

According to Amazon: “Given recent incidents near 3rd and Pine, we’re providing employees currently at that location with alternative office space elsewhere….We are hopeful that conditions will improve and that we will be able to bring employees back to this location when it is safe to do so.”

The public has started to “wake up” to the danger of the city’s crime wave. Last November, it elected Republican Ann Davison, as the city’s prosecutor over a Democrat who wanted to end traditional prosecutions of misdemeanors, including theft of items worth under $750.

Three former Seattle police chiefs said such a policy would embrace anarchy and destroy in the police force. They were right.  Some 300 police officers have left the force in the last two years. Davison’s tough-and-crime stance allowed her to become the first Republican to win city office in over 30 years, an amazing feat in a city that voted 9 to 1 for Biden in 2020.

Welcome to modern day progressivism. High crime. High taxes. High outmigration…. sounds like Bergen County .

3 thoughts on “High Crime Forces Amazon to Flee Seattle

  1. The average Seattle resident will love this, as they see big corporations, and especially Amazon, as evil.

    1. You a RW graduate with that logic?

      I’m sure Seattle residents are thrilled that crime is so bad in the city where they live that major corporations find it too unsafe to operate there.

      1. If you spend any time in the blogosphere, you will become very aquatinted with the liberal mindset in the northwest. The college campuses in that area are the worst. You seem to be under the delusion that social and economic logic is in line with higher education.

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