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Hinchliffe Stadium to Become the New Home of the New Jersey Jackals

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Paterson NJ, on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Mayor Andre Sayegh and Al Dorso will announce that the New Jersey Jackals have secured their new home in Paterson. The Jackals, a member team of the Frontier League, a Professional Baseball League of 16 teams and Partner League of Major League Baseball (MLB), will be relocating from Yogi Berra Stadium in Montclair, NJ, to its new and larger home at Hinchliffe Stadium.


Al Dorso, the owner and operator of the New Jersey Jackals, along with the City of Paterson, plan to improve the Hinchliffe field and venue, align with local businesses and bring additional entertainment to the community, such as concerts, kids camps, traveling teams, training and exhibitions, holiday events and more. The Jackals will kick off a 96-game season in May of 2023.

Hinchliffe Stadium is a 10,000-seat stadium located in Paterson, New Jersey. The venue was completed in 1932 and sits on a dramatic escarpment above Paterson’s National Historic Landmark Great Falls, and surrounded by the city’s national landmark historic district, the first planned industrial settlement in the nation (chartered 1792). Hinchliffe stadium is known for holding auto racing as was its intended purpose. It is better remembered as a race track. It is one of only a handful of stadiums surviving nationally that once played host to significant Negro league baseball during America’s Jim Crow era. The stadium was designated a National Historic Landmark in March 2013 and a Paterson Historic Landmark in  May 2013. In December 2014, Congress passed legislation to include the stadium in the Great Falls National Landmark District.


4 thoughts on “Hinchliffe Stadium to Become the New Home of the New Jersey Jackals

  1. Come back in 5 years and Hinchcliffe will be a rundown facility. Again.

  2. The neighborhood is really improving quickly. Happy to see this kind of multifaceted development in a municipality that could use a non-COVID-related shot in the arm.

    Pro Tip: They’re going to need space for parking.

  3. I’ll be there

  4. I see this, unfortunately, as suffering the same fate as the Newark Bears.
    People from Montclair, Ridgewood, etc. will not show up & there will be no local fan base to make up for those who will not venture to Paterson.
    The powers that be would have been much smarter to have attempted to have a soccer team be the tenant. A United Soccer League team would have been the perfect fit.
    Plus Hinchcliffe is perfectly proportioned for a rectangular sport like soccer.

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