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Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey Stand with Cuban People for Freedom from Socialism

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

Hudson County NJ,  The Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey, New Jersey’s leading Hispanic Republican organization, issued a statement urging every American to stand with the people of Cuba for freedom from the socialist regime which has impoverished and oppressed the island nation for decades.

Herminio Mendoza, President of the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey stated, “it is time for all Americans, whether they are Cubans or Dominicans, Hispanics, white or black, etc.., to stand up for the people of Cuba rather than make excuses for the dictatorship which has ruined the country and deprived the people of freedom.” He continued, “this shouldn’t be a partisan issue. But with Democrats sadly claiming Cuba’s protesters are risking their lives over “economic mismanagement” or because they are upset at the dictatorships covid response, the socialist apologists of the Democrat Party are making it one by searching desperately to deprive the protestors of their actual rallying cry – freedom.”

Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, a former New Jersey Republican State Committeeman and an activist with the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey stated, “the Democrats turned their back on freedom protestors before. While the Democrat Party was attending Antifa and BLM rallies and riots at which American flags and cities were burned, they ignored the Hong Kong freedom protesters proudly waving the American flag.” Sotomayor Einstein continued, “whether Hong Kongers fighting against the socialist regime in China or the Cuban freedom protestors, some of whom have been waving the US flag, freedom lovers across the globe know what socialist oppression looks like even if the Democrats do not. This is why it’s so important for Americans of all stripes and types to stand up for the people of Cuba by pressuring the Democrats, who are in control of the US government, not to betray the Cuban people’s freedom movement.”

6 thoughts on “Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey Stand with Cuban People for Freedom from Socialism

  1. Not going to lie, toppling Cuba this summer would be huge!

  2. We stand with you and all those who seek self determination and liberty.

  3. Democratic socialists stand in solidarity with the Cuban regime. Ironic, no? Rich Ridgewood libs bitching about oppression against people of color in the land of the free, while supporting communist dictatorships around the world who do actual oppression LOL

  4. The left in this Country romanticizes the Cuban regime. Liberal idiots.

  5. AOC won’t comment…Bernie commented but it was a milquetoast response.

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