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Ho-Ho-Kus Police Department : Once again, we remind all – please REMOVE your key fobs from vehicles !!

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Ho-Ho-Kus NJ, according to the Ho-Ho-Kus Police Department  Friday night two vehicles were stolen within the Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus. One from W. Saddle River Road and the other from Edgewood Drive , Key fobs were left in the vehicles. If any residents have cameras in the area, please check for any suspicious activity last night and contact headquarters. Once again, we remind all – please REMOVE your key fobs from vehicles !!

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9 thoughts on “Ho-Ho-Kus Police Department : Once again, we remind all – please REMOVE your key fobs from vehicles !!

  1. Simple.

    Leave the key fob in the vehicle, the insurance company shouldn’t pay.

    This would stop fast if folks were made to be responsible.

  2. So what you’re saying is if someone doesn’t lock the doors of their home, and someone walks right into the home and steals the insurance should pay you OK.

  3. Proving once again, we are…..


  4. The bottom line is if you use a K don’t use a K or you use some kind of electronic device to turn on and off your car by remote, if the cars in your driveway or garage and someone steals it locked unlocked alarm it’s covered. That’s what insurances for . Many vehicles are being stolen From inside the garage with the garage door locked and alarm on the house and they still get it. In the end if they want it they’re gonna take it. The only thing we can do is lower them down a bit. The problem is the fees are getting very smart

  5. In some countries insurance will not cover your loss if the keys/key fob was in the vehicle when it was stolen.

  6. Insurance is there to pay idiots who leave their keys in their cars with money from responsible people who pay premiums and don’t make claims since they don’t leave their keys in their cars.

    Once again…. reward the stupid and penalize the responsible.

  7. I have this problem handled by driving a 25-year-old car that uses only a regular key.

  8. So why do we, as a society let this happen? It happens because we really don’t want to punish criminals. We would rather remind people to ‘lock their doors’. Remind them to ‘take your keys’.
    If your car gets stolen it’s ‘your fault’ (not the criminal).

    I would love to live in a society where I could drive into Wawa, leave the windows open, the keys in the ignition (with the engine running), my wallet sitting on the dashboard, and NO ONE WOULD TAKE IT! Why can’t we live in a society like that? (And wouldn’t that be great, never have to worry about ‘your stuff’ getting stolen?)

  9. “Why can’t we live in a society like that?”

    Because it wouldn’t be a society if it didn’t have people…………….

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