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Ho Ho Kus Police Report Car Break -ins on West Saddle River Road

Ho Ho Kus Police

July 31,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ho Ho Kus NJ, Ho Ho Kus Police department reported on July 26th that , in the area of West Saddle River Rd, north of Hollywood Ave, there were several vehicles entered.

All residents are reminded to please lock their vehicles and remove the key fobs.

Please do not hesitate to report any suspicious incidents !

3 thoughts on “Ho Ho Kus Police Report Car Break -ins on West Saddle River Road

  1. While I understand that owners need to do their part in securing their property I find it very troubling that these break ins are turning into a trend in such once very safe areas. Never is anyone identified and prosecuted and this can only embolden the criminals. Either more cops or traffic cameras are necessary.

  2. or you could just lock your car…

  3. There are a lot of stupid people around. They leave their`cars running while running in to various coffee shops. They leave almost anything of value in plain sight.What do people expect?

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