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How to Choose a Country to Move to in the Middle East

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At first, glance, moving to another country seems like something very complicated, long, and difficult. You need to collect a lot of documents, get a residence permit, and somehow solve the issue of housing, work, children’s studies, etc.

But if you have a clear plan for moving to another country, where each point has detailed instructions – what, when, and how to do it, everything becomes easier. And if you are just thinking about changing citizenship, let’s think about where you can move to, what state to choose, how to rent a car and etc.


More and more people prefer this state to live and work. There are a total of seven emirates in the UAE. They are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Qaiwain and Ajman. Each emirate has its own laws, cultural features, and customs. The main advantage of the emirates is the favorable weather conditions at different times of the year.

Most expats choose to live in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cities are the most developed, wealthy, and densely populated. There is a wide range of jobs, an expanded real estate market, and plenty of opportunities like getting a great job offer or renting a luxury car.

Dubai has become one of the most popular cities for both tourists and immigrants. This is due to excellent infrastructure, real estate market, and services. For example, here you can easily rent a luxury car. This way you will quickly get used to the local environment and probably refuse to buy your own car and visit a luxury cars for rent in Dubai. Also renting a luxury car is a great opportunity to try something new for yourself. If you rent a luxury car, you will definitely feel like you belong here.


One of the main arguments for renting houses in Cyprus is the local weather and nature. Summer is here 9 months of the year. The sea season – from early spring to late fall. The most comfortable beaches in the EU. Winter is very relative, the temperature does not drop below 15 degrees. For all the “heat-loving” it is an ideal environment.

Real estate in Cyprus gives the right to a residence permit. It is very convenient for those who have decided to move permanently – no need to look for difficult ways to stay legally on the island.

The local population – a separate advantage. More friendly people are difficult to imagine. You always have a genuine smile, you always have a friendly conversation, you’ll always come to help on any issue: from advice on buying groceries to finding cheap houses in Cyprus. Acclimatization in such an environment passes quickly and without unnecessary stress.


Sea, mountains, palm trees, clean air, and mild climate are the first things people pay attention to when planning a move to Turkey. The average annual temperature in Istanbul is +15 degrees, which certainly attracts residents of more northern countries.

Friendly, open-minded people are another plus of life in Turkey. They show care and respect for their elders and respect family values. Turks are open and always try to help. They are tolerant of people of other nationalities. Same Istanbul, about 15 million people, among them people of different nationalities, races, and religions. Turkey was in the top 30 most hospitable countries, taking 26th place out of 199 countries. Such a diverse society requires getting along with each other and creating a multicultural environment.

In Turkey, police officers are treated with great respect, because law enforcement agencies work effectively, as evidenced by the security ratings. There is a low crime rate and a high level of trust between people.


It is a country with a mild climate, unique culture, generous cuisine, and simple conditions for doing business. The standard of living in Georgia is quite good and the affordable prices of rent, food, and services make the country attractive.

In the ancient city of Tbilisi, which has long been beloved not only by tourists but also by immigrants, you will not be bored – there are many ways to organize your leisure time. After all, if you choose Tbilisi to move to Georgia for permanent residence, then you will have plenty of free time to visit its many attractions. This includes architectural sites (temples, monasteries, fortresses), picturesque natural places in the neighborhood (lakes, mountains, ropeway), and institutions for pleasant leisure (theaters, museums, exhibitions, etc.).

For work, it is one of the best cities, because many banks, companies, and organizations have their offices there. Specialists in almost any field will find a job here.


Moving to another country is always difficult, especially emotionally. But in today’s reality, it has become much easier, so if you plan your move in advance and treat it responsibly, you will succeed.

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