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How To Choose The Right Hunting Knife

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Hunting knives come in various shapes, styles, and designs. It can be pretty overwhelming to choose the right hunting knife. Do not worry. Here are some of the basic questions you have to ask yourself to provide you the best buying decision when it comes to hunting knives:

1. What hunting game are you into? Different hunting activities demand different hunting knives. Bigger is not always better, and not all hunting knives are created equal. 

2. How often and how much are you going to hunt? If you are a full time or recreational hunter, there are specific hunting knives for you. Serious hunters, for instance, would need a full-fixed blade knife for hunting. 

3. Will you be killing the game or just in for the fun? This is another consideration you have to make.

4. Will you hunt for the meat or for your trophy hunt? You can get a capping knife if you simply want a trophy hunt. 

Apart from these questions, there are some factors worth considering as you buy your hunting knife. 
Fixed or Folding?

When you are out a lot and skinning animals, you might need a fixed blade hunting knife. However, for some occasional hunting game, you might want to have the folding blade kind of hunting knife, it is accessible and easy to conceal. 
Hunting Blade Design

For starters, there 3 categories to take note of when it comes to hunting knife blade designs. Here are the basics:

  • Skinning – this hunting knife is meant to skin animals.
    Drop point – the hunting knife for big game hunters and it comes with rather thick steel.
    Clip point – ideal for occasional hunters. It comes with a defined point. 

Hunting Knife Steel

Ask yourself, at what conditions will you be hunting? This will have an impact on the kind of hunting knife steel that you will be using. You can ask your hunting knife provider for more details about the knife steel type and quality.  

Serrated Blade

Do you require a serrated blade for your hunting knife? This kind of edge is the one you place on top of your blade. It helps you to prepare for the rather tough chores in the great outdoors and makes hunting easier for you. It is perfect for splitting rib cages open.

Hunting Knife Handle

There are lots of hunting knife handles hunters can choose from. These hunting knife handles can range from wood, steel, metal, composite materials, etc. You might also want to consider this in your choice of the hunting knife handle.

Purchasing the right hunting knife will have to depend a lot on your personal preferences. Online used gun listing sites will often have a knife category so be sure to check out their listings whilst doing your research. It can be easy to narrow down your choices if you follow through these guidelines and answer the questions laid above. Take some time to consider all the factors stated here for you to make that informed buying decision. So, finally, you can then go ahead and plan out your first hunting knife purchase ever!

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