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How to Prepare For Any Emergency Outdoors

Modern technology and civilization mean that we have every imaginable comfort available to us at all times. From central heating to clean drinking water out of the tap, humankind has evolved far beyond our ancestors who had to battle against nature to survive. Because of this, so many of us would be woefully unprepared if we found ourselves in an emergency situation, particularly one outdoors. 

Most people have no idea how to overcome the elements and survive outside, and this can put yourself and your family in mortal danger if there was a major disaster. Preparation is key to survival and it is absolutely pivotal that you start this preparation as soon as possible. Here is our expert guide on how to prepare for any emergency outdoors.

1. Prepare Water Purification Means

In an outdoor emergency situation, the most pressing concern is getting access to fresh, drinkable water. This is something which many of us take for granted as we have never been in a situation where water wasn’t available by just simply turning a tap. Humans can go a month without food but will die within three or four days without water. Depending on your circumstances you can either boil water in order to purify it or you can use water purification tablets. Both are equally good and it is always worth carrying water purification tablets just in case there is nothing with which to make a fire. Keep your water purification tablets in a waterproof tin so they can’t get spoiled if your pack gets wet.

2. Buy a Suitable Tent

Exposure to the elements can kill you very quickly so the next thing you need to prepare for an outdoor emergency is a warm, waterproof tent. There are various factors that go into choosing the right tent but the most important are its level of waterproofing, capacity, weight, and portability. Make sure that your tent has enough space for you and the other people you are with as well as keeping all of your emergency equipment secure and dry. There are many outdoor emergency situations where you may need to travel long distances to get safe or seek help so always choose a tent which is lightweight so that you can carry it easily. 

3. Invest in a Satellite Navigation System

When you are outside in any emergency situation, getting lost can put you in enormous peril. In the past, people had to rely on maps and compasses to navigate but these can easily get damaged and can be difficult to understand. These days, however, high-tech satellite navigation systems can help to guide you to wherever you need to go. The survival experts at this site explain that for outdoor emergencies, you should choose a sat-nav system that is impact and waterproof so that it is robust enough to get bashed about a bit. Make sure that you have lots of batteries stored in a waterproof container so that you always know where you are and where you are going.

4. Buy a Camping Stove

When you are away from your house and miles from civilization, a massive consideration is how you are going to feed yourself and your family. In order to prepare yourself for this situation, you should buy a camping stove which you can use to cook food and to purify water if necessary. 

There are many excellent camping stoves available now which are lightweight and portable so go into your local camping and outdoor store and try a few out. It is important to make sure that you have enough fuel to last the duration of your emergency so stock up on paraffin so that your fuel won’t run out.

5. Get a Waterproof Firelighter

The last thing which everyone needs in their outdoor emergency kit is a reliable waterproof firelighter. Matches can easily get sodden and lighters can break but a reliable firelighter will provide you with the means to build a fire in any conditions. This will enable you to stay warm, light your camping stove if the ignition fails and provide you with the means for purifying your water, cook food, and keep dangerous animals at bay.

Emergency situations can be very dangerous but emergencies that find you stuck outside in the elements have the potential to be particularly deadly. It took humankind generations to overcome the forces of nature and it is only when we are suddenly thrust outside in an emergency that we realize how vulnerable we are. In order to give yourself and your family the best chance of survival, it is pivotal that you get everything ready in anticipation of a disaster occurring. To keep safe, follow this expert guide on how to prepare for any emergency outdoors.

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