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How To Protect Your Trading Cards From Losing Their Value

Trading cards can be an interesting hobby. They’re collectibles that are fun to trade, buy and sell because of the thrill of the hunt for rare items. But if you don’t know how to protect your trading cards from losing their value, then you might end up with a bunch of worthless cardboard pieces that nobody wants! In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips on how to keep your cards in pristine condition so they retain their worth!

1) Use Card Sleeves To Keep Them Clean.

Cards are easily scuffed and scratched. Over time, these blemishes will reduce the cards’ value. The good news is that there’s a solution: card sleeves! Made from durable materials like PVC, they’ll protect your trading cards against dust and dirt. They’re inexpensive, too! And the best part about card sleeves is that you can make the whole deck customized, as seen at, which you can use to play with your friends. Customized cards are a surefire way to make your cards special.

2) Store Them Properly In Boxes And Binders.

Keeping trading cards in a binder is a handy way to store them. But it’s also important that the binders are kept in proper condition, otherwise, their effectiveness will be diminished. The best thing you can do is place sheets of paper between each individual card. This keeps cards from being scuffed or scratched by the plastic of the binder itself, and it also helps keep them in pristine condition. Also, be sure to use specific types of boxes like plastic boxes.

3) Keep Your Cards In A Cool, Dry Place To Prevent Mold And Mildew.

Large collections of trading cards need proper storage. The best way is to store them in zip-lock bags or resealable plastic envelopes that protect against moisture damage. If you seal the bag properly, the trading cards will be protected from moisture in the air. This is essential since water can damage a card’s surface and leave a permanent mark that lowers its value. Besides protecting your trading cards from moisture, it’s also important to have them stored in an appropriate place where they won’t be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

4) Keep Your Cards Away From The Sunlight To Prevent Fading.

Take a look at your trading cards, and you might notice that the color of the card’s surface is lighter than before. This is due to exposure to sunlight, which can cause irreversible damage to paper products like trading cards. The best thing you can do is keep them out of strong light sources to prevent this type of damage. The same thing goes for heat. As mentioned before, one way to protect your cards from the sunlight is by using card sleeves.

5) Keep Your Cards In A Safe Location.

Cards are easy to steal, so it’s important that you keep them out of sight from prying eyes. This is especially true if you have valuable trading cards that are likely targets for theft because of their rarity or value. So find a safe location for them, like a locked drawer or cabinet. Better safe than sorry!

6) Don’t Clean Them With Chemicals Or Solvents.

Cards are best cleaned with a damp cloth, and this should go without saying: never use any type of chemical to clean your trading cards! Chemicals can easily damage the surface of your cards, especially if they’re printed on thin card stock. Although there are certain types of chemicals that are safe to use like isopropyl alcohol, it’s best not to risk using them.

7) Remove Any Protective Coating When Storing Cards On Album Pages.

If you’re planning on putting your trading cards into individual page protectors, then be sure that they remove any protective coating that might have been applied by the company that manufactured the card. Some types of card coating can cause damage to the page protectors. It’s best to ask a representative from the company that manufactured your cards for specific instructions on how to remove their coating before putting them in individual page protectors.

When people say that trading cards are a form of investment, then it’s important that you learn how to protect your cards from losing their value. If you don’t know how to do this, then you might end up with a bunch of worthless pieces of cardboard! There are many ways to protects your cards from the dangers of losing their value, and some of them are as easy as organizing your trading cards in a binder or using plastic bags. In this article, we gave some tips on how to properly take care of your trading cards.


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