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>HSA’a a thankless job or enablers of the system and its numerous flaws.

>Anonymous said…
Public service is a thankless job. Ask any HSA president.

2:36 PM

Anonymous said…
Strictly speaking, at this point in the history of the Ridgewood district, any given HSA president is not serving the public.

They are serving Cottage Place. There is a difference.

Anyone who says that public service is a thankless job deserves no thanks from the public.

5:39 PM

Anonymous said…
Couldn’t agree more 5:39 PM. The HSAs truly believe that they are serving the parents and students. They don’t know how sucked in they are with keeping incompetent administrators and the board members who coddle them in place. That hurts everybody. That is why they think their volunteer jobs are thankless. How can we thank them for hurting us? This is public education and they are enablers of the system and its numerous flaws.

11:40 PM


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