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Huge Trump Parade Backs Up Garden State Parkway

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Lakewood NJ, with the November 3 general election, supporters of President Donald J. Trump were out in force throughout the state , rallying their base with events including a convoy that ended up causing traffic backups on the Garden State Parkway.

At Holmdel NJ State Police reported that a convoy of vehicles with Trump flags and banners made their way around the Garden State Parkway and according to social media posts and videos, parked in the express lanes and on the shoulders of the road, with supporters waving their Trump flags and even claiming supporters were yelling  “we shut it down, baby. We shut it down” while blasting their horns .

Supporters countered this claim by taking to social media to say that the traffic was caused by the New Jersey State Police when they closed some of the exit ramps.

Trump supporter Joseph Rudy Rullo said on Facebook, ” In reference to parkway being intentionally shut down by Trump supporters is fake news. It’s called traffic. The question is why the Cheesquake rest area was cut off to half the caravan and the parkway exit to the final destination in Berkeley township for the reelection rally? Is this Murphy’s Trump Parade Gate? In reality if Murphy shuts down NJ again for Covid more than the parkway is going to be shut down next time! ”

After a whole summer of BLM and ANTIFA disruptions ,its a bit late to be complaining about blocking traffic .

5 thoughts on “Huge Trump Parade Backs Up Garden State Parkway

  1. And the Tappan Zee too….

  2. “Base” is accurate.

  3. How to win friends and influence people

    1. it worked for BLM

  4. Trump supporters can lay a red carpet on the highway the libs and still be called names by the retards of the left. Nothing new here.
    Let’s hope that by Wednesday we will have a better view regarding how both sides will see each other.

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