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In-Person Sales at Car Dealerships, Motorcycle Dealerships, Boat Dealerships, and Bike Shops to Open

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TRENTON NJ,  Governor Phil Murphy and Superintendent of the State Police Colonel Patrick Callahan today announced an Administrative Order authorizing in-person sales to resume at car dealerships, motorcycle dealerships, boat dealerships, and bike shops, by appointment only and with social distancing measures in place. The Order will take effect at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 20.

“We know this is an important step for our dealerships and bike shops, and New Jerseyans who need access to transportation,” said Governor Murphy. “We will continue to responsibly and deliberately give different sectors a green light to open in a manner that is consistent with public health.”

“Car dealerships and bike shops play an important role in the transportation sector,” said Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. “This is another step towards progress as we work together to protect the public health of all New Jerseyans.”

Dealerships and bike shops who resume in-person sales must abide by the social distancing, safety, and sanitization requirements that are described in detail in the Administrative Order.

The Order states that businesses may permit customers to test drive vehicles, boats, or bicycles sold or leased by the business, provided that the individual is given access to the vehicle alone, or in the case of a boat, with an employee of the business but only when social distancing can be maintained, and the business appropriately cleans and sanitizes the vehicle, boat, or bicycle after such test drive if the customer does not purchase the item.

A copy of the Administrative Order can be found here.

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