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Inflation Feels So Much Higher Than Official Numbers

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Ridgewood NJ,  new inflation numbers were just released for July and they show 3.2% inflation since last year, and 15% higher prices since Biden came into office. But almost no one in the middle class believes these numbers. Why? The CPI measures hundreds of different products and takes a composite of the price changes for all of them.

The fact is that the “must pay” routine bills like utilities are rising a lot faster than the bills for more elective expenditures. The biggest price increases have been gasoline prices up 36%, rent up 32%, eggs, cereal, coffee, used cars are up about 20% and electricity and utilities are up 22%.


New Cell phones, information technology, televisions, computers, and communications have fallen in price. But, food, gas, eggs, and rent are more important to the average family budget than new TVs or computers. The average price rise for food, gas, rent, and electricity are up more than 25%.

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4 thoughts on “Inflation Feels So Much Higher Than Official Numbers

  1. And CPI doesn’t capture shrinking package sizes. Consumers end up buing more packaging materials than they did before the shrink.

  2. its much higher….just look at grocery prices…stores are sticking it to the public. Kings is by far the most expensive store in the area….just ridiculous

  3. Kings?

  4. Because “official numbers” are fixed to look good since the party in power is a “D”.

    The same “official numbers” would look worse than they feel if a Republican was in office. You’d hear non-stop stories of Recession and Depression and anecdotal stories of people being forced out of their homes and starving if the economy was EXACTLY the same, but a Republican was in office.

    The system is VERY corrupt and the media is even worse.

    The people KNOW the truth. They see it and live it every day.

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