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>Is the field noise excessive ? Readers say yes!


Is the field noise excessive ? Readers say yes!

You shouldn’t have to suffer repeated and excessive noise inside your house just because a field is in your neighborhood. Especially megawatt amplified noise from a PA system.

And from what the orig poster describes, it is the school folks who have changed the game, not the poster. That seems very unfair.

One person here noted they are 2 blocks away from the noise and it is still loud inside their house. That’s also wrong and could clearly be changed and resolved.

Would the school like it if someone nearby decided to crank up a megawatt system and blast loud music (or other stuff) for several hours each day when kids are supposed to be in classes and/or studying? Or if someone decided to just put the police scanner on a PA system and broadcast all the traffic to the neighborhood loudly for hours?

It can’t always be the “divine right of me” or “it’s for the kids” argument when stuff like this impacts many others nearby, partic. several blocks away. They need to stop it and if that requires legal action, it’s unfortunate but that’s the choice of those responsible for making the noise or allowing it.

As residents we are not permitted to do that — so why should the school be allowed to?

This is not “the sticks” nor is it “the country”. It’s a mature, built up town and people pay premium prices and taxes to have a certain quality of life. Things that impact that adversely have to be controlled for the benefit of all taxpayers.

That’s why we have laws against building whatever you want w/o complying with zoning and regs process, against landscapers running power equipment any time and hour they wish… against heavy truck traffic on some streets… and many more… and against things like noise pollution too. Read the laws – they are on Vill website.

Everything affects everything else, and so a happy medium has to be found. Adding new noise in homes 2 blocks away from a school is obviously not meeting that simple test.

It’s far diff from the argument “well before you bought a house next to a school or field, you should have expected noise as a natural consequence of the location”.

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