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Japan Is Working on a COVID-19 Vaccine That Offers Lifelong Immunity, Transports at Room Temperature and has Fewer Side Effects

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Researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science are working on a COVID-19 vaccine that not only delivers lifelong immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus but could also be transported at room temperature to far-off corners of the world, The Japan Times reported.

The vaccine that is being developed by Michinori Kohara and his team of researchers employs the most successful vaccine used in history, one against smallpox. The team uses a strain of the vaccinia virus that does not cause disease but replaced some of its protein components with those from the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

While recombining the spike protein with a different delivery mechanism is a common strategy used in vaccine design these days, Kohara is confident that his vaccine can not only deliver potent neutralizing antibodies with a single dose, they also induce strong cellular immunity that offers long term protection.

Kohara also told the news outlet that the vaccine would offer an added advantage of producing fewer side-effects compared to other vaccines that have been given emergency-use authorizations. The non-pathogenic strain used in the vaccine design is incapable of replicating in mammals and would produce fewer side-effect reactions, Kohara claimed.

The researchers have tested the vaccine against the four previously reported coronavirus variants of concern and found it to be effective. Kohara told the media outlet that he expects it to work against Omicron as well while also stating that the vaccine could be stored at room temperatures making them easy to transport and administer in developing countries with tropical climates.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science does not have previous experience of commercializing a vaccine and has signed up domestic drugmaker Nobelpharma Co to take it through clinical trials. The first and second phases of human clinical trials are expected to begin only in 2023 followed by a larger phase trial immediately if no efficacy and safety concerns pop up. If all goes well, the vaccine may be commercially available from 2024, at the earliest, The Japan Times reported.

7 thoughts on “Japan Is Working on a COVID-19 Vaccine That Offers Lifelong Immunity, Transports at Room Temperature and has Fewer Side Effects

  1. Great nuz for victims of mass formation hypnosis.

  2. 30% of the country silently hope all new alternatives fail in order to keep the hysteria alive.
    I had it a couple a weeks ago. Not vaxxed. Been inhaling vitamin D and zinc for a year in high doses and lost 20lbs during pandemic. Had 2 days of headache and now enjoying natural immunity. That Wuhan didn’t have a chance.
    Enjoy shots #4 and 5 by spring! They are totally safe, just read the safety studies……oh shit.

  3. Good for you, Anoncheese. That is also how many healthy people react after contracting Covid. In case you somehow missed it, people come in many different forms and have many different reactions to covid. My own daughter, 22, got covid, and got over it. However, several months later, she had to be hospitalized with pnumonia, due to lung damage that occured during her covid infection.

    1. no co-morbidities?

  4. Word up Anonymous! My peloton numbers indicate the lungs are back in good shape! Very rare for a 22 year old with no comorbidities to get sick. Like a better chance of getting hit by a bus percentage wise with no comorbidities. Have you looked into the harm many doctors are saying they are now seeing in young womens reproductive systems that have been 2x jabbed? I suggest looking it up on a non google search engine. Always need to analyze risk.
    Get healthy people.
    As I said – many people need this to continue. People have lost their minds.

  5. We all had it.
    1 unvaxxed adult – 3-4 days of cold symptoms.
    1 vaxxed and boosted adult – on back in bed for 3 days of misery.
    4 kids under 15 – obviously would never inject them with an experiment with no safety data and developing immune systems – totally Asymptomatic 1 had a fever for a day.
    Even Fauci said masks have been performance art today. Time will tell.

  6. The Doctor who invented this spike protein technology, i.e., mRNA, Robert Malone, just spilled all on the Joe Rogan Experience. He was cancelled a day earlier on Twitter.

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