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Jon Bramnick For Governor,a politician,comedian and damn good trial lawyer

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by Derek Michalski

LET’S DO IT JON! WHY NOT! If Ukrainian comedian Zelensky with zero political experience can become a president of a large nation. If a former Hollywood actor Reagan could become a governor and later the President of the United States. Why on earth a Yale educated trial lawyer and comedian can’t become a governor of New Jersey. Let’s give a try. What Do We Have to Lose? Right?

Who’s Jon Bramnick? Jon Bramnick is my Facebook pal, my political leader and someone I respect and admire. He is a politician, comedian and damn good trial lawyer. He has had the opportunity to observe thousands of people in many different settings and I believe he could be a good governor. As a comedian, he studied how to make people laugh and right know New Jersey needs a good lough. Otherwise the greedy developers, corrupted officials and unfunded government pensioners will be laughing to the bank when they finally bankrupt this once beautiful and flourishing Garden State.

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Illustrations by Pat Brentano.

He also understands that not only Democrats have monopoly on environmental issues. Thank you Mr. Bramnick for this! As you know environmental issues are very dear to my heart and it hurts me very much when my Democratic friends ask me: “Why are you fighting for clean ground water in Upper and Saddle River, aren’t you Republican”? Thus I am supporting Jon Bramnick in his quest to become the first politician/comedian in the history of the great state of New Jersey. Let’s do it John!

Interesting tidbits from long list of Jon’s accomplishments: Jon Bramnick is the winner of the Funniest lawyer in New Jersey Contest, and has performed at the Street Factory in New Brunswick, the Borgata and Tropicana. He also entertained his audiences at the NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark. Jon is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and also serves as a State Assemblyman and is presently our Minority leader. InsiderNJ named Bramnick one of its 50 most enduring political characters of all time. Jon has a daughter and son and two grandchildren. You can watch Bramnick perform comedy by visiting

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Illustrations by Pat Brentano.

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